Whenever I’m in Hobart, I like to take a walk from Battery Point (past the Shipwright Arms without calling in) and down the hill to Sandy Bay. I then return to the city along the main road and all for a reason.

Sandy Bay - Beach, Jetty

Beachfront: Hobart and Sandy Bay (photo by Roger Findlay)

Sandy Bay: In Like Flynn

by Roger Findlay

On the outward journey to Sandy Bay, I marvel at the classic architecture along Napoleon Street in Battery Point, and envy those with the money to live there. I find my way to the Errol Flynn Reserve and my mind flashes back to my school days when Flynn was rumoured to have a list of credentials far longer than mine.

Sandy Bay - Napolean Street, Battery Point

Napoleon Street: Battery Point (photo by Roger Findlay)

Crossing the Reserve I watch the locals with their sociable dogs and the plastic bags they carry for the doggy do’s. What a life! Fetching the ball out of the shallow surf; waiting for my owner to throw it again and again. A park with lots of equipment and a childproof gate. Children picnicking with their young mothers and a clean toilet block with everything there for changing a nappy.

Sandy Bay - Errol Flynn Reserve

Errol Flynn Reserve (photo by Roger Findlay)

Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania: Sandy Bay

Now I’m strolling close to the Sandy Bay boat yards admiring the shimmering paint on hundreds of boats, trying to avoid the attention of the salesman (much the same as in a used car yard).

Sandy Bay - Boat Yards

Sandy Bay: Hobart (photo by Roger Findlay)

On this particular day, I didn’t know whether I would be welcome in the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania as I imagined having to wear a cravat to gain entry and then reporting to the Commodore for a session in the barrel or a test on how to tie a reef knot. I have since found out that I would have been welcomed as a visitor and without stipulations except to be dressed in smart casuals. Next time I’ll be “in like Flynn” for some of the marvellous tucker they serve.

Sandy Bay - Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

Wrest Point Casino, Derwent Yacht Squadron, Don Camillo’s

If I’d walked a bit further, I would have been at the Wrest Point Casino but in this I have no interest. Past the Derwent Sailing Squadron I leave the Esplanade and enter Sandy Bay Road.

Sandy Bay - Marina

Sandy Bay: Wrest Point Casino (photo by Roger Findlay)

Sandy Bay - Derwent Sailing Squadron

Derwent Sailing Squadron: Sandy Bay (photo by Roger Findlay)

Turning right towards the city, I’m on another mission. Magnet Court is where you’ll find one of Hobart’s best and busiest Italian restaurants. Don Camillo’s has been on my list for several years but still eludes me. You know it’s good when it’s fully booked out on a Friday and Saturday night, sometimes weeks ahead.

Sandy Bay - Don Camillo’s

Don Camillo: Sandy Bay (photo by Roger Findlay)

Vermey’s Butcher, Wursthaus Kitchen, Knopwoods Retreat

Like a dog cocking a leg at its favourite lamp post, I can’t walk past Vermey’s without calling in. Along with the Wursthaus Kitchen, this has to rate as my favourite Hobart butcher shop. The display of meat is impressive to say the least and I needed some for tea. Pork loin chops and a few Italian sausages were the shot for me while the friendly staff posed for their shot as Nikon clicked away.

Completing my walk, I re-entered the city at a busy time. Traffic in both directions made crossing difficult so I headed down into Salamanca via Montpellier Retreat feeling quite guilty as I passed the Wursthaus. Should I call in, because some “Tas Truffles Have Arrived”? No. I needed a beer and what better place to end my walk but at Knopwoods Retreat where they would have my Guinness poured.

You should try it sometime!

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Map: Sandy Bay, Hobart Tasmania

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