Tasmanian artist Sarah Woodward resides in the beautiful southern beaches area and creates sought-after ceramic jewellery and one-off mosaics for the home and garden. Working from her aptly named Sea Soul Studio at the bottom of the garden, Sarah produces pieces which are always beautiful and occasionally surprising. Possessing a perfectionist’s eye for detail, married with a bohemian spirit, Sarah’s artworks are truly unique.

Sarah Woodward - Unique Clay Art Jewellery

Sarah Woodward, Sea Soul Studio (photo supplied)

Sarah creates jewellery in fine porcelain clay, including the renowned Southern Ice Porcelain. Each piece is hand rolled, cut, textured, fired, sanded, glazed and fired again. Due to the handmade nature of each piece, no two are ever the same, which makes them all the more special to her devoted customers.

Sarah Woodward Says…

I have always been the creative sort. Throughout my entire life, the debris from my latest creation has been pushed around the dinner table at meal times! I have (and continue to) dabble in many mediums, but when I took my first course in ceramics a little over two years ago… I knew I’d found my “thing”.

My sources of inspiration are many and varied. It could be a texture on a piece of driftwood; or some eclectic find at a trash and treasure market that sparks a new idea. One of my first (and still favourite) designs is that of the flower necklace and brooch. They are entirely hand-formed in porcelain, then they undergo the normal two firings, sanding, and glazing procedure. Then I like to apply a liquid gold or platinum lustre, and fire them a third time to create glistening treasures.

Sarah Woodward - Flower Necklaces

Sarah Woodward original (photo supplied)

When I first started to experiment in Southern Ice Porcelain (a crisp, crystalline, pure white clay developed in Tasmania) I found it challenging. But like anyone who has ventured this way, it was also totally entrancing. I was intrigued by the idea of a contrast to its beautiful texture, which led me to develop my “stitched clouds” brooches. I pierced small holes in the clay when it was still wet, and after firing, embellished with a blanket-stitch in bright embroidery thread.

Sarah Woodward - Stitched Cloud Brooches

Unique jewellery art (photo supplied)

My art is sometimes influenced by “people watching” and paying attention to what is happening in the “alternative” art and fashion scene. I recently developed the “pedal power” brooches in response to the fact that you can hire a bike to cruise around the galleries of Hobart and the Salamanca Arts precinct! I have several different bike designs, including a tricycle. But I think the one with the tassels on the handlebars is my favourite!

Sarah Woodward - Bicycle Brooch

Bikes (photo supplied)

Moving into Mosaics: Sea Soul Studio

The mosaics began after I spent time working with friends on a large-scale community project. It satisfies my desire to recycle and justifies my compulsion to scour markets, tip shops and garage sales. Not to mention that smashing things is rather therapeutic and, I think, a perfect balance to my fine, concentrated detail in ceramic work.

The large, decorative bowl pictured contains a stunning Wedgwood dinner plate as its main feature, which I can assure you was already chipped before I got to it!

Sarah Woodward - Mosaics

Sarah Woodward: Sea Soul Studio (photo supplied)

Being a maker in Tasmania at this time is wonderful. There are so many supportive people and events and so much talent to be inspired by. My work can be found in Spacebar Gallery, Salamanca and I welcome commissions or special requests.

Contact Sarah Woodward via email or join her Sea Soul Studio Facebook page.

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