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Unfazed by life, Scamander and Beaumaris probably aren’t much of an attraction in themselves, but they do have beautiful, long, white-sand beaches where the surf rolls in and you feel like you can wander forever. There’s reliable surf around Four Mile Creek, while fisher-folk can toss in a line for bream from the old bridge over the Scamander River, or catch trout further upstream. Shelley [sic] Point, just north of town, has rock pools to explore and shells to collect.

Scamander - From Lookout

Scamander from Shelly Point Lookout

Here’s What We Think: Scamander

Probably aren’t much of an attraction in themselves! What more could you want than beautiful, long, white-sand beaches? Surfing and wandering, fishing, rock pools to explore and shells to collect… that’s enough attraction right there, thank you very much. We’re looking forward to our next visit to the Scamander area, an amazingly restful place on Tasmania’s east coast. We especially like Shelly Point.

Scamander - Park

Lovely park: Scamander foreshore

Scamander - Fish and Chips

Fish and chips: Scamander

Scamander - Shelly Point

Tasmania: surfing waves

Tasmania’s surfing fraternity will tell you the east coast has some of the best beaches in Australia, if not the world. Prime locations include Beerbarrell Beach, Four Mile Creek, Shelly Point and Scamander Beach and can boast big swells, uncrowded waves, crystal clear water and the warmest weather in Tassie, despite the rather cool temperature of the actual water!

Scamander - Surfing

East Coast Tasmania: beaches

We were told inexperienced surfers could also find plenty of beaches to suit any ability. With that in mind, armed with full-length wetsuits, we ventured to Scamander during our most recent visit to St Helens and fell in love – all over again – with the beaches and the region in general. Just check out the views over open ocean and towards Scamander from the look out at Shelly Point, and you’ll see why.

Scamander - East Coast Tasmania

Beautiful beaches: East Coast Tasmania

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