When we wrote about Kiss A Fish Cookery School, we promised more to come from Seafest Triabunna. We took a ridiculous amount of photos, hence the slight delay in sharing this article. We have posted various Seafest Triabunna images via Instagram (which is linked to our other social media accounts) so you’ve possibly seen some action already. But here’s a bit more!

Seafest Triabunna - Stalls

Colourful assortment: stalls, Seafest Triabunna

2016 Seafest Triabunna in Pictures

We took even more photos – would you believe! – from the general township of Triabunna. We’ll share those a bit later in another article. We don’t want to overload you with this part of Tasmania’s east coast all in one go!

Seafest Triabunna - Fishing

Triabunna: Tasmanian east coast

Seafest Triabunna is a free and family-friendly annual event located on the town’s waterfront, near the Maria Island departure point. Phone the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council on (03) 6256 4738 for details of next year’s festival or follow Seafest Triabunna on Facebook.

Seafest Triabunna - Pétanque

Blow-up slide and Pétanque

Seafest Triabunna - Spring Bay Maritime Museum

Spring Bay Maritime Museum and Discovery Centre

Seafest Triabunna - Shed

The Shed: Spring Bay Maritime Museum and Discovery Centre

Seafest Triabunna - Heritage Engine Display

Vintage boat motors

Seafest Triabunna - Water Activities

Activities on the water: Triabunna

Seafest Triabunna - Food Van

Community groups: Seafest

Seafest Triabunna - Fire Truck

Seafest Triabunna: local community

Seafest Triabunna - Caravans

Seafest Triabunna: camp grounds

Seafest Triabunna - Dining

Diners enjoy Seafest food

Seafest Triabunna - Porta Loos

All the essentials: Seafest Triabunna

Seafest Triabunna - Food Stalls

Popcorn Shack: Seafest Triabunna

Seafest Triabunna - Jumping Castle

Frozen-themed jumping castle

Seafest Triabunna - Live Music

Buskers and live music

Seafest Triabunna - Books

Book: Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania

Seafest Triabunna - Merchandise

Souvenirs available: Seafest Triabunna

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Map: Seafest Triabunna, Tasmania…

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