Seagrass Long Point is the bee’s knees for waterfront dining in Hobart. If you’ve been there, you’d surely have to agree. And if you haven’t been there… what are you waiting for?

Seagrass - Sandy Bay

Perfect waterfront location: Seagrass Long Point

New Favourite: Seagrass Long Point

We love to try new places. But not too new. We’re not early-adopters when it comes to dining out. We wait for venues to settle into their groove after they’ve launched, and then we go.

And go we did, to Seagrass Long Point recently.

Seagrass - Beachfront Cafe

Dining beachfront: Seagrass Long Point

One mistake was made. We forgot to take jackets with us, so we couldn’t sit outside on the actual waterfront. Rookie error. This place takes full advantage of the stunning views offered by Hobart’s amazing surrounds.

Seagrass - Waterfront Dining

Waterfront dining: Hobart Tasmania

The inside of the venue was breathtaking; superbly matched to the environment. And we were greeted with a huge smile at the door, with instructions about choosing a table and ordering when ready. Everyone from the staff team proved extremely friendly and chatty throughout our visit.

Seagrass - Dining in Hobart

Beautiful ambiance: beach-themed dining

Good Mood, Good Food

It’s a tough trio in hospitality: location, service and food. All three prongs have to be on point for full marks. And Seagrass nailed the lot.

There’s some law I reckon, about eating hot chips at the beach. It just has to be done. But no one ever said you have to eat the chips on the sand and compete with the seagulls!

Seagrass - Hot Chips at the Beach

Seagrass: hot chips at the beach

We can’t go past a good tart. The chips were a huge snack to have with our afternoon coffee, but we couldn’t resist a hit of chocolate to follow. Yes, we were naughty. There will be salad and fruit next time, promise.

Seagrass - Wicked Chocolate Tart

Wicked chocolate tart: Seagrass

Seagrass Long Point is located at 19 Beach Road in Sandy Bay, which is south of the CBD and one of Hobart’s most beautiful waterfront suburbs. Phone (03) 6295 5370 for details or follow Seagrass Long Point on Facebook.

Seagrass - Waterfront Dining, Hobart Tasmania

Seagrass Long Point: waterfront dining in Hobart

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