Check out these photos from Seahorse World at Beauty Point in northern Tasmania. They come from the lens of Matt Wells.

Seahorse World - Star Attraction

Seahorse World: Beauty Point (photo by Matt Wells)

So Much Beauty: Seahorse World

Matt sent us this note with a link to his entire album, including the photos we’ve shared of Seahorse World.

I have a few photos from my last holiday in Tasmania that I’d like to share. I have another Tassie trip booked in April 2016 which I’m looking forward to, and I hope to get more great photos. Tasmania is such a great place for photography! I currently live in Perth, WA and one day hope to be living in Tasmania somewhere. Thanks for having a look.

Seahorse World - Crab

Seahorse World, Beauty Point (photo by Matt Wells)

With so many terrific images, we chose the photos of Seahorse World because it’s a place we’ve always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. Yet. This gives us even more inspiration to get to Beauty Point. Platypus House is at the same location too (Inspection Head Wharf)… bonus!

Seahorse World is at 200 Flinders Street, Beauty Point (a 45-minute drive north of Launceston). For more information phone (03) 6383 4111 or follow Seahorse World on Facebook.

There are other attractions from northern Tasmania featured in Matt’s collection as well, including Beaconsfield Mine, the Low Head Lighthouse and Tamar River.

Seahorse World - Beauty Point Sunset

Sunset: Beauty Point, Tasmania (photo by Matt Wells)

While we’ve chosen just a few photos to publish, the entire collection can be viewed online. Matt has travelled through lots of Tasmania already, from Bridport to Strathgordon, and he obviously has plans to return for more. We look forward to seeing the next instalment.

Seahorse World - Northern Tasmania

Seahorse World: Tasmania (photo by Matt Wells)

Map: Seahorse World, Beauty Point Tasmania…

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