As we search Tasmania on a quest for places to visit, people to meet and things to do, we also discover little treasures that we like to share. This time we bring you… the Australian Weaving Mills.

Search Tasmania - Factory Outlet

Search Tasmania for new towels

Search Tasmania for Factory Outlets

You’ll find this genuine factory outlet at 45 Tasman Street in Devonport Tasmania. There’s Tasmanian-made, quality products actually sold at good prices. Not that I’m cynical at all, but the factory outlet term is bandied around misleadingly all too often.

Search Tasmania - Australian Weaving Mills

Australian Weaving Mills Factory Outlet: Devonport Tasmania

Other Factory Outlet Options

You can search Tasmania and find other examples of the real-deal factory outlet. Burnie Tasmania has cheese; Island Markets have books; and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Hobart has chocolate. Obviously! But getting back to Devonport and the Australian Weaving Mills.

There’s towels. Lots of towels. Fluffy and white, just like you’d find in the five-star accommodation around Tassie. There’s even bathrobes you can legally take home! And not just white, there’s every colour imaginable. You can choose from regular bath-towel size in standard quality; to huge, bath-sheets in luxurious fabric.

Search Tasmania - Devonport Factory Outlet

Australian Weaving Mills Factory Outlet: Devonport Tasmania

Hit the Beach Tasmania

If you’re not looking for bath towels, you might still find something you need if you have a little search. Tasmania’s beaches or the Launceston Aquatic Centre on the agenda maybe? The Australian Weaving Mills Factory Outlet stocks beach towels; and bags, face washers, bath mats and a huge range of sheets. Again, every colour…

Search Tasmania - Aust Weaving Mills

Sheets and towels: Australian Weaving Mills

Our Continuing Search Tasmania

So back to the original question… why do we search Tasmania, and why is an online travel magazine like ours reporting about towels? This time we were inspired by a couple living the Tasmanian travel holiday dream, looking to spruce up their campervan. They were quite excited about the colour choices: comparing the bedroom linen with the kitchen decor during their search.

Tasmania has lots of surprising opportunities> We just don’t want to miss anything on our quest.

Search Tasmania - Devonport Motorhome

Motor-home owners search Tasmania for towels

Map: Factory Outlet Search Tasmania, Devonport…

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