We trek a few of our local paths regularly, and one of them we call our “Howrah Bluff” walk. Coco loves it, because there’s usually other dogs to meet, and the gravel track obviously has lots of deliciously good smells. We’ve discovered the correct name for the central headland joining Bellerive and Howrah beaches is actually Second Bluff, so that’s what we’ll introduce to you here.

Second Bluff - Walking Track to Howrah

Second Bluff: Bellerive and Howrah beaches

Howrah Bluff: Actually Second Bluff

You can make this walk as long or as short as you like… it’s part of the extensive Clarence Foreshore Trail. We’ve written about some of the other sections previously…

Clarence Foreshore Trail… Of Course

Second Bluff - Clarence Foreshore Trail

Clarence Foreshore Trail: Derwent River, Tranmere

Tasman Bridge Walk… Under We Go

Second Bluff - Tasman Bridge Walk

Tasman Bridge: Derwent River views

Pindos Park at Tranmere Point, Hobart

Second Bluff - Pindos Park Playground

Pindos Park: Clarence Foreshore Trail

Bellerive: Walk This Way in Hobart

Second Bluff is the headland connector between Bellerive Beach and Howrah Beach. Either side of the hill you can walk on the sandy beaches or use the excellent shared cycling paths behind the dunes. The track is mostly level, and you will appreciate lovely water views when you’re elevated on Second Bluff itself. Happy walking!

Second Bluff - Bellerive Beach

Bellerive Beach to Mount Wellington (kunanyi)

Second Bluff - Howrah Beach

Second Bluff: Bellerive-end, Howrah Beach

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Map: Second Bluff, Bellerive/Howrah Tasmania…

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