It’s time to assemble this year’s handbag for Share the Dignity. Then take your donation to a collection point (at Bunnings stores) by December 2.

Share the Dignity - Personal Items for Homeless Women

Christmas: Share the Dignity

It’s In The Bag: Share the Dignity

This is my favourite charity. I can buy goods that will make life better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty this Christmas. And the entire donation will be delivered exactly where it’s needed.

Share the Dignity - It's In The Bag

It’s In The Bag

I volunteer at my local Red Cross Shop. Recently, one of our lovely customers reminded me to prepare my handbag for this year’s Share the Dignity campaign. She was shopping for recycled  handbags at the charity store. That’s what I call a win-win!

Share the Dignity - Tasmania Charity

Charity: Share the Dignity Tasmania

Christmas Charity Campaign

If you haven’t heard of Share the Dignity before, all the information is online. Basically, there are three simple steps…

  • choose a handbag in good condition (even one of your own handbags, that you no longer want)
  • fill the handbag with thoughtfully selected items suitable for homeless women/girls, women at risk or women experiencing domestic violence
  • deliver the filled handbag to a collection point at Bunnings by 2 December

The photos show my donation from last year’s Share the Dignity, but you might have your own ideas about what’s needed most. Check social media hashtag #ItsInTheBag or follow Share the Dignity on Facebook for inspiration. If you happen to find this article after the Christmas campaign has finished… you can still make a contribution. Donations are always welcome.

Share the Dignity - Christmas Campaign

Share the Dignity: Christmas Campaign

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