Since November 2013, all retailers in Tasmania have been banned from distributing non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags. We think that’s a really good thing. Plastics are known to be a major source of pollution in our environment. So now they’re gone. Goodbye and good riddance!

Shopping Bags. We’re Saving the Planet

Although we already had some eco-friendly shopping bags, when the ban was enforced we bought an extra supply and kept them in our car, at the ready. There was just one major problem with this great plan of ours. We always forgot to take the damn bags into the grocery store with us, and didn’t give them another thought until we arrived at the checkout, bagless.

By then it was too late to run back to the car. With a groan, we’d buy another supply of reusable shopping bags. It was very nice of the supermarket owner to sell us more bags at 15 cents a pop. But we now have hundreds of them!

Forget Your Shopping Bags, Then Pay Up!

Apparently we weren’t the only slightly absentminded shoppers. We’d look at the checkout operator despairingly when it came time to stack away the groceries, and they would assure us that every customer before us had done exactly the same thing. Left the shopping bags in the car that is, and had to buy more.

We were happy to contribute when saving the planet was at stake… but we were getting a little peeved about handing more of our hard-earned cash over, for something we didn’t even need. So Gavin did what he tends to do, and devised a mobile solution to the problem. He made a phone app to remind us to take our reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags from the car and into the store when we parked at the supermarket.

Shopping Bag Reminder App

As we approached our shopping destination, we received a notification on our phone as a reminder. “Don’t forget your shopping bags!” It’s so easy to use; and now we’re helping the environment, and saving money at the same time. Winner! And because Gavin’s such a good bloke, he’s just released the phone app for everyone else to use too.

You can download the shopping bag reminder app right now. Many of the Hobart grocery stores have already been entered. But if your local supermarket or grocer isn’t listed, submit the details and the store will be added to the data-base. This phone app is suitable for anyone in the world too, not just shoppers in Tasmania. Gavin has already added a couple of places (as submitted by users) in the United States… so they’re also helping to save the planet!

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

As another very handy feature, travellers can use the maps provided in the shopping bag reminder app to locate a supermarket nearby. Now you have your shopping bag reminder, all you need is a place to buy groceries!

Download the Shopping Bag Reminder App Now!

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The shopping bag reminder app was designed and developed by Think Tasmania. You can see other samples of our work online. If you’d like a phone app written for your region, organisation or individual business, please contact Gavin. And if you’d like to discuss sponsorship of this phone app… by all means, give us a call.

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