Want to know one thing I love about casual weekends at the beach? Doing a little hassle-free shopping, just for fun. Shopping in Bicheno is a perfect example. There’s a supermarket, a chemist, a butcher and a baker for all the essentials. And then there’s the extra stuff; stuff you might only buy when you’re on holidays. Like ice creams! Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone when they’re at the beach?

Shopping in Bicheno - IceCream & Lolly Shop

Shopping in Bicheno: lolly shop

Shopping in Bicheno: Doing it Easy

For one thing, there’s no hassle with parking. Slot your car into one of the vacant (and free) car-parking spaces, and you can cover the whole town on foot. And you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the range of shopping in Bicheno extends to two surf shops about 100 metres apart.

Both surf shops are well-stocked with all the gear you need to impress your peeps at the beach. And if you happen to snap one of your thongs, you don’t have to stress too much. Or heaven forbid, you leave home without taking your thongs when you’re headed to the Tasmanian beach. And yes Gavin, I’m talking to you! One of the surf shops is also the place to buy tickets for the popular tour to see Little Penguins.

Shopping in Bicheno - Surf Shops

Shopping in Bicheno: surf shops

Shopping in Bicheno has to include a visit to the Log Cabin Store. You never know what you’ll find in there! Fishing gear… check. Souvenirs… check. Hardware… check. And if you find yourself in need of a reel of cotton (maybe you’ve split your boardies and can’t find the perfect replacements in the surf shops) they’ve got that covered in their haberdashery department too.

Shopping in Bicheno - Souvenirs

Looking for souvenirs in Bicheno

Shopping in Bicheno for Souvenirs

We mentioned you can buy souvenirs at the Log Cabin Store, but they certainly don’t have a monopoly on that commodity. There’s plenty of quirky and fun things around for the kids to spend their holiday money on. Head just out of the centre of town to the Sea Life Centre for example, and you can take home a golliwog, some jewellery, shells, pet frogs or a kombi van for your shelf (my personal favourite).

Shopping in Bicheno - Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre: shopping in Bicheno

If you’re like me and you allocate very little time to the latest fashion trends, you can always go shopping in Bicheno for clothes. And accessories.  And homewares. All in the one shop; appropriately called Coastal Style. Judging by the hive of activity during our visit, this is THE place to be seen on the east coast of Tasmania.

*** see this article for a chance to win a $100 gift voucher from Coastal Style ***

Shopping in Bicheno - Coastal Style

Coastal Style: fashion shopping in Bicheno

Appetite from Shopping in Bicheno

Replenishing the energy reserves to maintain focus and endurance when you’re out shopping in Bicheno does not pose a problem. The aforementioned Sea Life Centre do an awesome serve of seafood, with some mighty fine Bicheno views thrown in for free. If you’re after something to eat and drink in the centre of town (so still not having to move that car) you could try Pasini’s Cafe, Wine Bar and Deli next door to one of the surf shops. Nice coffee, and just quietly, we know from first-hand experience that they do a mean wood-fired pizza.

Pasini’s is open for breakfast and is totally organised; a great place to kick off your day. The Dogs Breakfast Trading Company on the other hand, is a complete rabble of a joint connected somehow to a place called the “Silver Sands Motel”. We went there looking for some obscure thing… so obscure, I can’t even recall what it was. Someone suggested it was the place to find whatever oddity it was we needed, anyway. To be honest, we couldn’t be sure if the shop was an ongoing concern, or just a pop-up, storage warehouse of some sort. When we arrived there, we spent the first ten minutes trying to find our way inside!

Once actually in the building, we found a mass of shelves and boxes and baskets with an astounding array of… things. I’m trying to find a nicer word to use than junk, but I think “junk” probably sums it up best. But we were just on a casual expedition to explore the options for shopping in Bicheno… and the Dogs Breakfast turned out okay. The kids found some unusual bits and pieces they’d never seen before, and they couldn’t possibly live another minute without owning them. For the sake of $5-00, they did have some fun. But we didn’t find the obscure thing we needed.

Shopping in Bicheno - Dogs Breakfast Trading Company

Dogs Breakfast Trading Company: Bicheno

So that’s that. Our complete rundown on shopping in Bicheno, from the stylish to the ridiculous. Maybe not all things to all people, but for us… we love that side of exploring small towns in Tasmania. Whether at the beach or in the country, there’s always unique things to do and as Roger Findlay would say… there’s a story around every corner!

We stayed at a Bicheno Holiday House owned by Rob and Louise Widdowson, who are also the owners of Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways in Launceston. They’re great people, and they are some of Tasmania’s many great hosts. We can highly recommend both of their beautiful accommodation properties.

Map: Shopping in Bicheno, Tasmania

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