When we wrote about our experience of The Nut, we mentioned doing a spot of shopping in Stanley. We received several requests from readers for more information, so we searched back through the image files documenting our retail therapy session in north west Tasmania. It seemed a logical progression to publish them here for everyone else to see as well.

Shopping in Stanley - Church Street

Shopping in Stanley: Church Street

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Just randomly (in no particular order or preference) these are some of the shops we discovered and photographed…

Hopefully the business owners are all still there, and still selling similar products to Tasmanian tourists and locals of course. A wander along Church Street will reveal a great variety of retail outlets, so allow plenty of time for browsing. Anyone is welcome to add a comment in the section below to note personal favourites.

Shopping… just one of a variety of things to do in Stanley. And the scenic location makes for wonderful photographic opportunities. It’s just an all-round lovely Tasmanian town, one we’re keen to re-visit again soon. If you’d like to see details of a particular Stanley business published, please email Tania and Gavin.

If you have a collection of photos and a relevant story to accompany them, please contact Think Tasmania. We love to share new and interesting material with all our readers via the website, newsletter and social media.

Shopping in Stanley - North West Tasmania

North west Tasmania: Stanley

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Map: Shopping in Stanley, Tasmania…

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