I recently bought a new camera. Well, when I say that, what I mean is this: my husband stood smiling and nodding while the very nice man at Harvey Norman sold us a Canon E0S 60D for a price similar to the resale value of our car. That being the case, you’ll understand that I viewed the overcast sky with some trepidation, on the afternoon of my Shutterbug dusk to dark tour.

Shutterbug - Photography Walking Tours

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug Walkabout

by Cassandra Wunsch

Roy, my Shutterbug walking-tour guide, was very understanding of my timidity and assured me that my brand new baby could take it. Being a complete amateur (even more so when compared to his 35+ years of experience) I deferred to his superior knowledge. Which turned out to be quite right, by the way.

Shutterbug - Hobart Tasmania

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Dusk to Dark: Different Light Compensation

For this article, I won’t try to reproduce the help and advice Roy and Coreena gave me on our three hour tour around the Hobart waterfront and up to Franklin Square. From the Shutterbug class, one of the main things I’ve gained is the confidence to fiddle. I can’t break my camera by playing with the settings! And once they’re explained to you, the majority of a camera’s options are just ‘more’ or ‘less’ of each function. There’s nothing scary in there after all.

Shutterbug - Hobart Docks at Dusk

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Walkabout:Hobart, Nibbles & Fairy Lights

After the first ten or fifteen minutes, the weather did calm down. We were rewarded for our perseverance with a landscape covered in delicate water droplets. I’d never done any kind of artistic shooting before, and it was also my first time using a tripod, but Roy kept everything comfortable and simple so I didn’t feel like a bumbler.

Experimenting with Light Filters

Shutterbug - Hobart Photography Tours

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug - Learning about Light Filters

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug - Photography Walkabouts

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Half way through the evening, Coreena set up a lovely spread of nibbles to keep us going. Supper under the stars and fairy lights on the Salamanca lawns was lovely, and it gave me the opportunity to put some of my recent low light instruction to practical use.

Shutterbug - Walkabouts Supper

Salamanca Hobart (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug:Photography to a New Level

It should probably be known that I begged our commander-in-chief, the lovely Tania, for this assignment. I love photography. It’s an area where I have always felt like an impassioned but hopelessly inexperienced amateur. I’d highly recommend the Shutterbug experience for anyone with a bit of passion, who has maybe let their inexperience keep them from really grabbing their camera by the horns and making it give you the shots you want.

Roy and Coreena offer a very friendly, low pressure environment to stretch yourself, and all the guidance you need to take your photography to the next level.

Using a Tripod for Evening Photography

Shutterbug - Working with a Tripod

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug - Salamanca at Night

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Shutterbug - Photography in Hobart Tasmania

Shutterbug Tour (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

For more information visit the Shutterbug Walkabouts website or join Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania on Facebook. Contact Roy and Coreena on 6267 2952 or 0418 745 427. Cassandra was toured as a guest of Shutterbug Walkabouts on the dusk to dark photography tour in Hobart on behalf of Think Tasmania.

12 August 2013 ~ You can now enter for a chance to WIN a double-date with Shutterbug Walkabouts on a photography tour of historic Richmond village. Good luck.

Cassandra Wunsch is a third-year journalism student at Open Universities Australia. She lives in Hobart with her husband Florian and daughter Taliesin, and would like to continue to write full-time when she graduates. Her personal blog is www.10percentinspired.com

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