Here at Think Tasmania, some days we’re amused by small things. Take the current Siege exhibition at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart, for instance. Not that we think the installation is at all funny; quite the contrary. It’s amazing! But someone we know has a new log-splitter at home (yes Dad, we mean you). We think his next stockpile of firewood should look something like this…

Siege - Exhibition

Siege by Marcus Tatton: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Gardens Under Siege in Hobart

We spent an hour at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart during our weekend stay at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel. It was a good way to walk off our overly-indulgent buffet breakfast. The Siege exhibition is by Marcus Tatton, who has been described as “an international award-winning sculptor based in Tasmania“. We don’t know Marcus Tatton personally, but we can still appreciate the work in these sculptures.

Siege - Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Siege: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Siege is part of the 2013 Ten Days on the Island Festival. A variety of sculptures will be on show at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart until March 2014. And while Gavin was busy taking “enhanced” photos of the Japanese garden with his mobile phone, I snapped a few shots of the Siege exhibition with mine. They were originally for Dad’s homework assignment; but we thought you might like to see them too.

Siege - Japanese Garden

Different view: Japanese-inspired section Botanical Gardens

If you’d like to see some quality photos from the Hobart Botanical Gardens, check out the images by Anelda Lotter Photography. We know these ones are just snaps!

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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens ~ Lower Domain Road, Hobart. They’re open every day from 8:00am and entry is by donation. You can follow Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on Facebook.

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Map: Siege, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens…

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