Silk is a new tourist attraction in Chudleigh near Mole Creek. Silk is a fudge/handicrafts and gift shop opened just eight days ago. I plan to go back there and get some shots for you. It looked just wonderful and some lovely local ladies are running it. Nice free fudge tastings too! They are just up the road from the honey store.

Silk - Chudleigh near Mole Creek

Silk: Chudleigh near Mole Creek, Tasmania

Silk: Chudleigh Tasmania

by Dan Fellow

Here’s a few more photos to share. And the Silk theme makes lovely viewing. Enjoy!

Silk - Attraction in Chudleigh near Mole Creek, Tasmania

Silk: Chudleigh near Mole Creek, Tasmania

Silk - Gift Shop

Silk garments and handicrafts: Chudleigh, Tasmania

Tasmanian Fudge: Chudleigh near Mole Creek

According to the owners of Silk, this is what you can expect from this new attraction

  • Experience the luxurious, luscious and lovely world of silk
  • See the complete life cycle of the amazing Silkworm, egg through to moth
  • Handle cocoons and raw silk
  • See & feel the range of silk fabric: sheer chiffon to gold-threaded damask
  • Learn about the history of silk production & manufacture through the ages
  • Wander, amazed, through the myriad, kaleidoscopic wonderland of garments, gifts and goodies
  • Sample delicious homemade silky smooth fudge
  • Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of silk
  • Open seven days: 9:00am to 5:00pm in the north west region of Tasmania
  • 59 Sorell Street, Chudleigh Tasmania

Contact Jane and Don Lamont at Silk (0429 976 785).

Silk - Fudge

Sample homemade fudge at Silk Tasmania

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