Mic Giuliani of Sirocco South fame is a busy man. Four days a week he works for the federal government as a trainer, teaching staff such essential qualities as resilience. Besides his role with the Department of Human Services, he is a hands-on dad to two young children in partnership with his wife, Jo. And then there’s a long weekend and many weeknights spent working on something he’s very passionate about: Italian food.

Sirocco South - Mic Giuliani, Sirocco South

Mic Giuliani: Sirocco South, Hobart

Sirocco South: Traditional Italian

The Giuliani family moved from Victoria about four years ago. Jo is a native Tasmanian so the move was a homecoming of sorts for her, although she originally hails from Ridgley in the north west. Mic tells us he’s a seasoned diver, and having experienced some of the best diving locations on offer, he still thinks Tasmania rates as one of the best places to dive in the world. So the lifestyle was another big draw-card. And then there’s the Tasmanian produce.

Sirocco South - Pasta Sauce

Sirocco South ragu pasta

Family life has always revolved around food for Mic. He’s been cooking up big pots of pasta sauce since he was three. His extended family have market stalls in Victoria and share his passion for producing what we call gourmet or artisan food. Being Italians, they just call it food. Through Sirocco South, Mic is still cooking up a storm, but now he’s also sharing his traditional recipes with a much larger “family” of Tasmanians.

Sirocco South - Fresh Herbs

Wild rocket, asparagus and mushrooms

Farm Gate Market Stall

Judging by the amount of customers frequenting his stall at the Farm Gate Market, he’s likely to stay busy. His rolls of cabbage, wrapped around free-range pork, rice, tomatoes and herbs were sold out by 10:30. His sweet potato and pepperberry gnocchi… all gone! Luckily, there were other choices, including wild rabbit with figs and spices, or Moroccan lamb lasagne.

Sirocco South - Farm Gate Market, Sirocco South

Farmers Market: Sirocco South stall

Spending time at the Sirocco South stall proved one thing for certain. His customers agree that Mic does make Tasmania’s best cannoli, just as he claims. Having tried both flavours, the verdict is still out on a favourite. A crisp, sweet pastry shell filled with either a duo of vanilla and chocolate custard, or a Sicilian cream (ricotta, candied fruit, pistachio nuts and dark chocolate). Both are heavenly!

Sirocco South - Cannoli


The cannoli is such a popular item, that Mic sells a take-home pack so you can fill your own shells when desired. He also re-stocks supplies on the go at the Farm Gate Market during the morning to keep up with demand.

Sirocco South - Mic Giuliani, Cannoli

Mic Giuliani: cannoli, Farm Gate Market

Mic Giuliani: Right on the Money

One thing I would say about Mic Giuliani is this: he has the perfect personality for a market stall. He’s very generous with his expertise, sharing tips with customers about making pasta. He knows his product really well, and swings from banter to selling in the blink of an eye. Hearing him talk so passionately about his cooking makes you want to buy one of everything!

Sirocco South - Farm Gate Market Stall

Farm Gate Market: Sirocco South

Sirocco South pasta is made with Tasmanian flour fromCallington Mill and Bruny Island wallaby is used in the cacciatore. Mic waves in the general direction of another stall holder who supplies him with pork. He explains that using the best quality, locally-sourced ingredients for his cooking is the right thing to do. It makes sense, and it makes for great food. We agree wholeheartedly.

Sirocco South - Pasta from Aproneers

Sirocco South pasta:  Aproneers, Lindisfarne Tasmania

You can follow Sirocco South on Facebook or catch up with Mic Giuliani at the Farm Gate Market held each Sunday in North Hobart. Some of his products are sold in gourmet food stores, including The Aproneers in Lindisfarne.

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