While we were staying in north west Tasmania, we chose to visit Smithton. We’d never been there before, and we wanted to correct that oversight.

Smithton - Duck River Wharf

Boats: Duck River, Smithton

Far North West Tasmania: Smithton

We didn’t have any specific assignments in Smithton, so we were totally free to roam the town and browse shops and cafes at our leisure.

Smithton - Emmett Street

Emmett Street, Smithton

We noticed a sign promoting fresh oysters, and we kicked ourselves for not taking an eski with us for the trip home. It could have been St Helens all over again!

Smithton - Wharf Mural

Smithton shed mural: Duck River

We probably could’ve bought some Duck River Butter too? We only thought about that when we realised Duck River was the main waterway in Smithton.

Smithton - Duck River

Smithton: Duck River to Duck Bay

The views were pretty special from the lookout, although the day was overcast and gloomy. Honey is obviously another staple in the collection of local produce from the Circular Head region.

Smithton - Lookout

Tier Hill Scenic Lookout: honey sales

The murky weather wasn’t enough to dissuade us from arranging another visit though, which we’ll do in due course. There’s a few things we’d love to investigate further…

  • Cape Grim and Woolnorth… that wind farm!
  • Robbins Island Wagyu Beef… crossing the passage
  • Arthur River and Marrawah
  • Tarkine Forest Adventures (Dismal Swamp)
  • Anything else that’s good to do when based in Smithton!

Smithton is located in far north west Tasmania, about 20kms from the more popular tourist town of Stanley. We left for Smithton (from Burnie) in the morning, ate brunch at Boat Harbour Beach and had a quick stop in Stanley on the way back… all in a comfortable day trip. If you have any tips and advice for the region, by all means leave a comment below or contact us privately. Cheers!

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Map: Smithton, Tasmania…

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