There’s a current social media trend that we’re finding a bit disturbing. People have stopped posting photos of snow in Tasmania, and they’re moving on to images of spring. Already! How can this be? We’ve hardly had time to embrace winter… and now it’s being brushed aside for the next season.

Snow in Tasmania - Mt Wellington

Mount Wellington: snow in Tasmania

Photos: Snow in Tasmania

Tasmania does have four quite distinct seasons, and we love them all. The change is usually welcome, marking as it does the passing of each calendar year. But the 2014 winter has been so brief. One bitingly cold snap… and that’s about it. Unless there’s more to come, and for lovers of snow in Tasmania, we can only hope so!

We take lots of photos ourselves, and share many of them here on the website and via Think Tasmania’s social media channels. We also share photos contributed by our fabulous community of readers, as well as some images from our members (and we’re lucky to have professional photographers in that group).

Snow in Tasmania - Hobart

Sprinkle of snow: Mt Wellington (from Bellerive)

Today we’re dedicating an article to pictures of snow in Tasmania, a popular theme for contributions. If you’d like to see your photos shared (and we love images captured by amateurs especially, depicting all things Tasmanian) you can send them to Think Tasmania. Alternatively, attach images to a private message via Facebook, or failing all that… just post your image/s to our wall. It’s not a popularity contest at all, but it does help us showcase much more of the state than we’d otherwise be able to.

Snow in Tasmania - Dover Tasmania

Dover: views of snow in Tasmania

Interactive: Our Community of Readers

Sharon Lee Leslie sent a little note with her photo of snow in Tasmania: “Mount Wellington around lunchtime today. None of our family had seen snow until today. Visibility was poor and there was a misty rain but lots of snow everywhere. It was something we will never forget. We love Tassie!” Isn’t it fabulous to know visitors can enjoy a new experience with such ease of access within close proximity to a capital city?

Snow in Tasmania - Hobart Tasmania

Mount Wellington (photo by Sharon Lee Leslie)

Leanne Hays is a regular contributor to Think Tasmania’s community. She actually apologised for sending “another wombat photo” following a mini-series of highly popular wombat photos! We’re not sorry at all. Kym Widger (Leanne’s daughter) snapped the Cradle Mountain wombat-crossing and informed us their “little friend crossed safely” – thank goodness!

Snow in Tasmania - Cradle Mountain Wombat

Cradle Mountain wombat (photo by Kym Widger)

Leanne also sent this image taken in the Tasmanian highlands and showing a snow-covered dog kennel. She pointed out the absence of the dog, who was lazing inside by the fire. Smart dog! Although it’s extremely pretty, the temperatures that accompany snow in Tasmania are quite nippy, to say the least.

Snow in Tasmania - Tasmanian Highlands

Snow covered dog kennel (photo by Leanne Hays)

Jo Ledda also captured a photo of snow on Mount Wellington: “I know you probably have heaps of snow pics but I thought this one I took yesterday might be enjoyed. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful Tassie pics.” We do have heaps of snow pics, but never too many Jo. (We wish Jo a speedy recovery from major shoulder surgery too, and hope she’s back taking gorgeous images with her camera again soon.)

Snow in Tasmania - Mt Wellington Tasmania

Fairy-tale shot: Mt Wellington (photo by Jo Ledda)

We even received a rather unexpected series of photos featuring snow in Tasmania. Contributed by Emma Leach and husband Ashley, Vinces Saddle has never looked so beautiful. One reader asked and you may be wondering yourself … where is Vince’s Saddle? The road turns off the Huon Highway near Lower Longley,  between Sandfly and Grove. If you have more details to add about the location, feel free to leave a comment below for everyone to see. Clearly Vince’s Saddle is a place that evokes strong memories for some, judging by the comments the amazing photos received across social media.

Snow in Tasmania - Vinces Saddle

Vinces Saddle (photo by Ashley and Emma Leach)

Snow in Tasmania - Vinces Saddle

Vinces Saddle (photo by Ashley and Emma Leach)

Snow in Tasmania - Vinces Saddle

Vinces Saddle (photo by Ashley and Emma Leach)

Snow in Tasmania - Vinces Saddle

Vinces Saddle (photo by Ashley and Emma Leach)

Tasmanian Holiday in the Snow

We appreciate many Think Tasmania followers don’t like or use social media, but obviously we can’t share every photo we’ve ever received here in the one article. We’ve chosen just a few of our personal favourites this time around. Who knows… it may result in another multi-article series like the rainbow collection.

But for now, please enjoy these pictures of snow in Tasmania as we hope for just a little more yet to come. Afterall, there are people planning Tasmanian holidays in September hoping to enjoy Tassie’s cold climate!

Snow in Tasmania - Moina Tasmania

Perfect: snow in Tasmania (photo by Heidi Van Leuven‎)