Snug: South Tasmania

Snug is a small town about 30kms south of Hobart in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel region. It was named to reflect its location in a sheltered and secluded inlet.

For Tasmanian tourists looking to visit south Tasmania, Snug might also make the perfect fit for a central and convenient location.

Snug - Fishing in the River

Quietly fishing in Snug River, South Tasmania

The History of Snug

The township has a long history, dating back to the mid 1800s. North West Bay was originally a port maintained for the region’s saw milling operations. Alongside the state’s original forestry workers, settlers starting clearing land for farms and orchards to grow apples and berries.

Products were transported to Hobart by barge up the Derwent River opposite O’Possum Bay on the South Arm Peninsula. Boating enthusiasts now enjoy the scenic route and take advantage of the sheltered bay.

The Future of Snug

Once an industrious centre, Snug now attracts city commuters and sea-changers. With the ever-growing satellite town of Kingston only 12kms to the north along the Channel Highway, the seaside village remains surprisingly calm and quiet. However, with Tasmanian beach living at Snug still an affordable option, the expansion of the community is fairly likely.

Tranquil Beach and Snug River

For now, the tranquil town has all the basic services, while the beach and river offer an avenue for swimming, kayaking and fishing enthusiasts. There’s a tidy seaside cabin and caravan park next to the football oval; public tennis courts and a boat ramp are nearby.

South Tasmania via Channel Highway

Also drawing visitors to the area, the Snug Falls Recreation Area features a waterfall which is easy to access via a walking track from the car park. Well, easy on the way down, at least!  7kms further south along the Channel Highway is Kettering, home of the passenger ferry to Bruny Island.

Snug - Snug Falls Recreation Area

Waterfall: Snug Falls Recreation Area

Holiday Base in South Tasmania

By choosing Snug as a holiday base, you can comfortably

So there you have it. A snug fit for touring south Tasmania. Maybe even apply a reverse day trip idea: stay at Snug… and visit Hobart

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