After a huge but seemingly random jump in Pinterest followers this week, we’ve reassessed our social media focus here at Think Tasmania. There’s just so many options! If we were to consider every platform available to us, we’d have very little time for any other work.

Social Media - Think Tasmania

Think Tasmania via social media (photo by Dan Fellow)

Think Tasmania and Social Media

The following is a list of options we present to readers of Think Tasmania. We use these particular channels to share photos and information regarding the people, places, products and activities we write about. If you’re not a fan of social media, you can always subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a beat.


We don’t usually play favourites, but when it comes to Think Tasmania and social media, Facebook wins. Hands down! Our page has a fantastic group of followers who are always willing to share and contribute to our network. That’s great news for the business owners we write about. Facebook does have a few faults, we know that. But we’re happy with the value it offers.

Also knowing Facebook is sometimes confusing and frustrating; and always time-consuming, we manage business pages for others. We have a cross-section of clients from Tasmania and we focus on creating share-worthy content and communicating in a social manner. Most importantly, we’re able to take the social media burden away from those who need to dedicate time and energy to their core business. Please… give us a call if that sounds like you.

Facebook photos: social media

Facebook photos: social media


Twitter is another platform from the top echelon of the social media world, but we were a little intimidated by Twitter in the beginning. The feed was dominated by political and celebrity news… did we have a place there? We work with words, and 140 characters per tweet didn’t seem enough. And our all-important pictures didn’t seem a natural match with Twitter either. But we persevered, and now we enjoy the banter and the snippets of information we give and receive.

Think Tasmania on Twitter

Think Tasmania on Twitter


Our Pinterest fans don’t necessarily follow all our boards; they prefer to pick and choose from the 35 boards we’ve created so far. We know the photos we pin lead readers to the articles we publish, which is a great system for us when it comes to social media options. We’re also able to create new boards for specific clients, to focus the traffic from our own fans to a service or product for sale; or to a website other than our own.

Think Tasmania on Pinterest

Think Tasmania on Pinterest


Our most recent foray… Instagram. We have to admit, we thought long and hard about launching into this social media channel. Instagram is dominated by talented photographers who are competing with other talented photographers for the best shots, angles and filter choices. There’s a challenging system of hashtags, and it’s comparatively fleeting in terms of promotion for business. But geez… it’s so much fun. We’re bordering on addicted already and we’ve just started!

Pinterest: Think Tasmania

Pinterest: Think Tasmania


Something had to give when we took up with our latest love (Instagram) and that something was our YouTube Channel. Instagram is not completely responsible for the demise of our relationship with YouTube, though. It had already lost most of its lustre when we implemented slideshow galleries into our regular articles. It’s so much easier to manage! And we prefer Think Tasmania to be a troll-free zone, a sad but unavoidable pitfall of social media avenues like YouTube.

So that’s our online coverage in a nutshell. If you think we can help make the net work for your business, we’d be happy to hear from you. Facebook is our main forté, but we’re also willing and able to assist with the other social media channels mentioned in this article. The service works extremely well with…

Contact Gavin (0417 686 787) or Tania (0407 790 642) about any (or all) of the above!

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