The spring weather in Tasmania almost hit the 30C mark yesterday. That makes us happy. Think beaches, alfresco dining, cold cider and long twilight evenings. But we may be inclined to stow away our Mongrel Socks for a few months, and that makes us sad.

Mongrel Socks from Salamanca Market

Mongrel Socks from Salamanca Market

Mongrel Socks: Salamanca Market

It’s difficult to choose between groovy colour combinations when selecting Mongrel Socks. I chose pinks and purples (with black highlights) because that’s just me. They are absolutely perfect to wear with long boots.

The pure Tasmanian merino wool socks are the warmest ever; “to know them is to love them”. You’ll also spot scarves, headbands and neck warmers, a clever ploy to attract tourists who may’ve ventured to the freezing heights of Mount Wellington.

Find the factory outlet for Mongrel Socks at Salamanca Market in Hobart on Saturdays. Phone (03) 62 484 378 for details or follow Mongrel Socks on Facebook. If you’re not lucky enough to be on the ground in Tasmania, you can order socks and other stuff online.

Socks - Salamanca Market and The Spindle Tree

Mongrel Socks: Salamanca Market, Hobart Tasmania

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