Sofia has been travelling around Tasmania for the past month and loves checking our website. She is the author of Sofia na Australia and asked if she could contribute some articles and photos to Think Tasmania.

Sofia - Food and Wine

Sofia na Australia, Hobart (photo supplied)

Meeting Sofia: Tasmanian Travel Stories

Sofia has some great stories about her Tassie experience, so we’re very happy to share them with our readers too. She wrote this article for Think Tasmania and supplied the photos.

Starting a New Love Affair

Ahhh Hobart. Where it all begins! It is the perfect introduction for my new affair with this beautiful island. And it all started with the new year.

I arrived to the beauty of the yellow sandstone buildings and quaint little cottages that immediately intrigued me. I made my way down the steps, looking down over the Derwent River to be greeted by a market at Salamanca. I continued on, scanning for a spot to eat after my shopping and walking.

Sofia - Tasmania

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

Does it get any better than by the water, gazing over clear water as yachts come and go making the most of the conditions? I walk a few minutes more along the water to see the famous boats from the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race reflected in the silvery water and then leave these to enjoy the party atmosphere close by. This city has more than fresh air and water. The food and wine that you can have here is superb and they really know what you will enjoy. I quickly told Paul that a one night stand would be impossible at this place, luckily he agreed.

Sofia - Heritage

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

I sampled the local gourmet cheese, pork, beef, Tasmanian seafood and great white wine set against a backdrop of sail boats and live music. What a platter for the senses!

Sofia - Hobart, Tasmania

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

I was not however finished with the coastal backdrop and got in my car to explore a little more. This charming city with a cosmopolitan feel still retains its heritage like no other.

Sofia - Hobart

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

We reached MONA and made our way through the beautiful buildings and fine artwork before deciding that we should see some more of this place, take it all in…

Sofia - Arts

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

It was quite a warm day but as we started to approach Mt Wellington the sky became overcast – now that didn’t deterred us! We had heard this might happen but like the pot on the other side of the rainbow, Mt Wellington’s peak rises above the cloud level and looks out over a magic carpet of clouds.

It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? And it actually is, but be warned it is (seriously) freezing cold at the top.

Sofia - Hobart Rainbow

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

I was expecting cold but it was freezing. We sat inside the car summoning courage and saw snowflakes falling outside at first. This was a mistake to do in shorts!

Sofia - Hobart Views

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

I think the Tasmanians had figured this out before I had – there were little shelters along the walks which were the usual perfect design that we have come to expect from Tasmania.

Sofia - Mt Wellington Lookout

Sofia in Tasmania (photo supplied)

Lucky, we can stop in a coffee shop and warm up. Ahh, Hobart, when can I see you again?

Sofia says on her blog… “I quit my job, rented out my place, packed 20kg of my life and moved to Australia with Paul”. And then of course, Sofia na Australia – the blog – was born. In February 2013, Sofia na Australia was awarded Blog of the Month by Expat Blogs. You can also follow the adventures of Sofia and Paul on Facebook.

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