We thought the weather in Hobart yesterday was perfect. Soon Tasmania will be very chilly; but yesterday there was only a hint of breeze, with sunny patches alternating with cloudy ones. Mount Wellington was dusted with the first of the season’s snow, and overall we were in high spirits. Maybe we enjoyed the weather so much, because we had such a great day in every other way too.

Soon - Hobart Articles

Lovely day in Hobart: many articles soon

Coming Soon: Online Shopping with Think Tasmania

The IT guy has been working away, preparing to launch a special Think Tasmania online shop. Not an all-in, open-slather kind of shop; just an extra bonus for those we write about. It will give our readers the chance to access goods at the touch of a button, when a business owner has been properly introduced.

Soon - Sweet-As

Sweet-As Rock Candy, soon available online

Our new shop is the very reason we went to Salamanca Market to re-acquaint ourselves with Sweet-As rock candy. Gavin has been working with business owners George and Sharon, who will be selling via Think Tasmania soon. So we met up with Sharon; had a casual chat and took a few photos as she handed out sweets to all her eager and happy customers. And we’ll be publishing another updated article about Tasmanian-made Sweet-As candy this week as a result of that visit.

Food + Wine and Autumn Colours

From the top end of Salamanca Place we walked to Castray Esplanade Food + Wine at the Salamanca Wharf Hotel. There, we met Michael Roberts. Not our friend from Tennis Tasmania (and now Cricket Tasmania) but another Michael Roberts, husband and business partner of chef and author Karen Goodwin-Roberts.

Michael was busy preparing coffee for cafe customers, so our introduction was quite brief. But we were also introduced to the delicious menu and enjoyed our lunch immensely. There will be more about that on the website soon too!

Soon - Castray Espanade Food + Wine

Castray Esplanade Food + Wine, Salamanca

After a lovely lunch, we walked a little further along Castray Esplanade and around the CSIRO corner towards Battery Point. Having lived in Tasmania for about five years now, we’ve driven past Princes Park many times, without so much as a quick stroll through. It was a wonderful chance to rectify that situation, with some beautiful autumn colours on show.

Soon - Princes Park Hobart

Princes Park: Hobart Tasmania

Introducing RebeccA’s Studio Gallery

Our next scheduled stop was at RebeccA’s Studio Gallery in Battery Point. Owned by the delightful Rebecca Kissling, the gallery is simply wonderful. Spaces are filled with unique pieces of wearable art based on iconic Tasmanian wildlife, painstakingly hand-made from felt.

Soon - RebeccA's Studio Gallery

Soon you’ll see: Think Tasmania banner

Rebecca also sells opal jewellery, scarves, ornaments and framed artwork. And in case you haven’t grasped the theme of this article yet… we’ll be sharing more about her business soon! And keep an eye on the yellow building on the corner of Sandy Bay and Hampden Roads, because Rebecca has offered to hang a Think Tasmania banner for us. What a gem!

Sweet Reviews and More… Soon!

We returned home to read rave reviews from Evelyn Antonysen (we published an article about her business last week). She posted a lovely thank you note via her blog, and included a link to Think Tasmania as well. And to top that, she also offered a prize for Think Tasmania readers, so keep an eye out for that one. Someone will soon own an original water-colour from the hand of the talented artist from Forth.

NB the image below shows a sample of another stunning water-colour by Evelyn Antonysen, not the actual prize…

Soon - Watercolour Prize

Original watercolour by Evelyn Antonysen (photo supplied)

The only downside to our day was missing a message via Facebook from Matt and Danielle of Fudge AFare, suggesting we visit them at Salamanca Market while we were in town. But we’re taking a positive from that as well…  now we have an excuse to go back and repeat a similar process again another day. And we’ll do that… yes… soon!

If you’d like to see a feature article published about your Tasmanian business (or you have a suggestion for a story idea), please contact Tania. For more information about the online shop, please contact Gavin.

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Map: Hobart and Battery Point, Tasmania…

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