The iconic South Coast Track is something I will never get to experience in person. The next best thing for me is to see photos taken by others on their journey. So when Francois Fourie made contact with Think Tasmania wanting to share some of his work with our readers, I was more than happy to oblige. This is his story and these are his images.

South Coast Track - Camping

South Coast Track (photo by Francois Fourie)

South Coast Track Images

by Francois Fourie

I am an amateur photographer and love capturing the beauty of Tasmania. I recently returned from a hike, doing the South Coast Track. My main reason for doing the hike was to capture some great images of our rugged coastline and also starry night skies. I was lucky enough to get some good images.

I have so many great photos of Tasmania, it’s hard to choose favourites. My South Coast Track album has more images. I’m currently building my own website and I also have a redbubble account and from here people can select an image they like, and get it printed on canvas, posters, cards and more.

South Coast Track - Beach

South Coast Track (photo by Francois Fourie)

I’m originally from South Africa, but moved to Tasmania about 10 years ago. I work in IT, but my passion lies in photography. I would love to be able to do photography on a full time basis in the future, or at least earn some money from it.

South Coast Track - Coastal Image

South Coast Track (photo by Francois Fourie)

South Coast Track: Hiking Adventure

Whenever I get some free time, I grab my camera and hit the road. I recently completed the South Coast Track, and it was actually my very first walk! I was told I’m crazy, and should at least do some day walks or shorter overnights first, but it was a very last minute opportunity, and I wanted a bit of adventure. It turned out to be a very successful trip all round. This just concreted my desire to get out there, into the wild, and try to establish myself as a landscape photographer in Tasmania.

South Coast Track

South Coast Track (photo by Francois Fourie)

I am particularly fond of my South Coast Track picture of Lion rock, and would love more people to see it. I realise there are thousands of great images of Tasmania out there, so I’m trying to get some unique ones. I think if I can capture some of our great landmarks in a similar style, there might just be a market for it.

The South Coast Track photos Francois has taken are wonderful. It’s just like I did the hike myself! What do you think?

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