Lately, we’ve been sharing a lot of information about west coast Tasmania, and Queenstown in particular. When you throw in a side-serve of St Helens from the north east, we could be accused of neglecting Hobart in southern Tasmania. In fact, we have been called west-coast-obsessed by one reader, who demanded more inclusion of the “star attraction”. We do try to deliver what’s requested, even if it’s not requested very politely! So today we’ll feature the lovely surrounds of the Tasmanian capital city. We hope you enjoy.

Southern Tasmania - Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery, Hobart (photo by David Lamplough)

Think Southern Tasmania

photos by David Lamplough

We do have one tiny issue with a subject as broad as “southern Tasmania“. Where do we start, and where do we finish? We tend to write individual articles that focus on a micro-topic, rather than covering a really large scope in one hit. Just one business or specific attraction at a time, for example. So we’ve taken our inspiration for today’s piece from a collection of photos submitted by David Lamplough. It’s interesting to note what’s deemed worthy of inclusion in the itinerary of visitors to Tasmania.

Not long ago, we were asked via social media if we were “sick or on holidays” because apparently we didn’t venture far enough from Hobart, our home town. Oh dear. There’s so much to see and do when considering Hobart and surrounds as a destination, but we do try to toddle off occasionally to discover the joys from the rest of our state.

Southern Tasmania - Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington, Hobart (photo by David Lamplough)

Hobart: Random Selection of Further Reading…

Southern Tasmania - Southport

Southport (photo by David Lamplough)

Far South Tasmania: Random Selection of Further Reading…

Southern Tasmania - Richmond

Richmond (photo by David Lamplough)

Richmond: Random Selection of Further Reading…

Southern Tasmania - Huon River

Huon River (photo by David Lamplough)

Huon Valley: Random Selection of Further Reading…

Of course, “highlights” are a subjective thing… maybe you would’ve given focus to a different group of attractions. If so, you’re always welcome to let us know your thoughts. You can leave a reply below for everyone to see, or contact Think Tasmania in private to voice your opinions.

Tasmania: Collections of Photographs

David Lamplough has been a regular visitor to our shores. To see previously published work from the lens of this talented photographer, you’re welcome to follow the links below. And of course, feel free to share with your friends, family and colleagues as always.

Southern Tasmania - Tessellated Pavement

Tessellated Pavement (photo by David Lamplough)

Southern Tasmania - Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay (photo by David Lamplough)

Tasman Peninsula: Random Selection of Further Reading…

David Lamplough lives in Adelaide’s northern suburb of Elizabeth. During the 1950s, he spent his early childhood years living on Mount Nelson. At the age of ten, he left Tasmania when his parents went to seek work in South Australia. To request more information about David’s photography or his Tasmanian holiday, please leave a reply below.

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Map: Hobart Tasmania

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