A former Think Tasmania reader (who shall remain nameless, because we’re polite like that) sent this rather curt message to us: “I’m afraid there is just NOT ENOUGH (if ANYTHING) about your SOUTHPORT, which is what I have been wanting, and so, with regret, I would like to UNSUBSCRIBE!!!”

Southport - Boat Ramp

Tasmania’s Southport: south of Hobart

It’s All About Southport

The gentleman had been compiling a history of all the Southport townships around the world. He somehow found Think Tasmania and requested any information and pictures we were able to supply, in addition to contact details for other resources. From that point on, we clearly failed in our “duty” to file ongoing reports about the tiny village in far south Tasmania!

The dear man could’ve just unsubscribed in silence. Maybe his final outburst of protest made him happy, who knows? We do get lots and lots of emails about Tasmania, and we make every attempt to satisfy all the personal requests for information. Some requests are straight-forward and reasonable to envisage; others are just plain strange and unusual. But it’s true you know. When they say you just can’t please all the people, all the time… they’re right. And we do apologise profusely for our various shortcomings.

Southport - Tasmania's Wilderness

Snow-capped mountains: Tasmania’s southwest wilderness

We were reminded of our failure to feature Southport again recently during our trip to Cockle Creek. A quick look around the pretty town was insufficient to satisfy our curiosity. And not just Southport either. As we’ve already admitted, Dover is also calling us back to the region far south of Hobart.

Southport - Cockle Creek

Bronze whale sculpture, Cockle Creek: via Southport

Far South Tasmania

Not to make silly and feeble excuses, but my hip replacement and Gavin’s subsequent mishap have combined to make 2014 a year to forget. At least it put a screaming halt to our incessant talking about walking in Tasmania. And we will recover from these minor hiccups and forge on with our statewide research in the future. In fact, we’ll pass a fitness test any day now. Crutches, be gone! The heart-wrenching loss of Carol to leukaemia… that’s something else entirely, and not something we’re likely to overcome so easily.

Southport - Ida Bay Railway

Ida Bay Railway via Southport (photo by Carol Haberle)

Southport… we promise you this: we’ll be back to see you again one day. We will park the car and walk all around the town seeking treasures to share. We won’t rush. We will dally to our heart’s content. We will again marvel at the view to Cape Bruny Lighthouse from your shores. We’ll throw in a line and hopefully catch a fish. We’ll snack at the hotel and maybe ease into some sort of accommodation for the night.

Doesn’t all that sound like a grand plan? We are good at grand plans, if nothing else. I wonder if our Southport-seeking reader will come back to us then? If you have something vital to share about Tasmania’s far south… by all means leave a comment below for all and sundry to read.

Southport - Bruny Island Lighthouse

Cape Bruny Lighthouse from Southport

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