I missed the Presets concert on Saturday night. I chose instead to drive around Hobart in the cold; and then walk around in the rain. Why would someone do that, you ask? To capture photos like these of the DARK MOFO Spectra Light Tower for my ever-expanding Tasmanian album.

Spectra Light Tower - DARK MOFO, Hobart
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Ryoji Ikeda’s Spectra Light Tower for DARK MOFO

Ryoji Ikeda’s Spectra Light Tower

by Ben Wilkinson

We can thank David Walsh and the DARK MOFO team for this amazing beam shooting into the Hobart night sky from Ryoji Ikeda’s Spectra Light Tower. It’s probably a once in a lifetime chance for some really cool shots. When I got home and thawed out, I knew I’d made the right choice. All who have seen it will understand what I mean. And from the amount of photographers at the location, I’m sure there’s some really great shots turning up everywhere.

The shot of the Hobart skyline was taken from the balcony of someone’s home. What a view they have! I asked to take a few pictures, and the lovely lady of the house granted permission. While I was there I also took another really good panoramic shot that I’ve named WILKO’S MOFO PANO. If you follow my Facebook page you’ll see it, and a few other shots from the night. My favourite would have to be this one of the Tasman Bridge.

Spectra Light Tower - Tasman Bridge, Hobart
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Tasman Bridge,Hobart Tasmania: Ryoji Ikeda’s Spectra Light Tower

Who needs to chase aurora images in Tasmania when you have these opportunities?

These are some of the best shots we’ve seen of the Spectra Light Tower (by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda and a highlight of the DARK MOFO winter festival in Hobart). Well done to Ben Wilkinson (copyright). If he’s shared more images of this standard on his Facebook page, he is right to suggest you head there to like and follow: WILKOGRAPHY.

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Map: Spectra Light Tower, Hobart Tasmania…

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