Every time we share information about our Doozie, from the Tasmanian Softies range, we’re asked the same question. Where can we buy one? We took this latest batch of  photos at Spiky Bridge near Swansea, and some of them have already hit social media. As we told Angela Wilson, the maker of the Tassie Devils, our model is not always in focus; but this photo shoot produced some of the better results we’ve attempted.

Spiky - Bridge, Tasmanian Softies

Great contrast: Spiky Bridge and Tasmanian Softie

Spiky and Softie!

We’ve written about Spiky Bridge before. If you’d like to visit yourself, head to the east coast of Tasmania. The convict-built bridge is about 7kms south of Swansea, and well signposted. There’s plenty of car-parking space available off the sometimes-busy Tasman Highway.

On a clear and sunny day, you’ll enjoy views across the blue, blue waters of Great Oyster Bay to the mountains of Freycinet National Park. Drive another 7kms further south and you’ll find the Three Arch Bridge off Mayfield Beach, also well worth a visit. We captured our photos on a day-trip drive from Hobart to the east coast, where we also managed to find (eventually!) the Lisdillon Salt Works.

Spiky - Bridge, Great Oyster Bay

Views: Freycinet National Park, Great Oyster Bay

Tasmanian Softies

If you want to buy your own Tassie Devil, contact Angela by phone (0419 423 745). You can follow Tasmanian Softies on Facebook or Twitter; you can also purchase a single softie (or a box-full) via Think Tasmania’s online shop.

Spiky - Bridge, East Coast

Doozie a lovely model: Spiky Bridge

Just as we’ve done, snap a photo of your Tassie Devil and share on the Facebook wall for Tasmanian Softies. The location could be a Tasmanian tourist attraction like Spiky Bridge, or just your own backyard at home. Angela is pleased to see her creations, no matter where they’re living.

Angela donates part proceeds from the sale of every Tasmanian Softie to a very worthy cause too. She’s doing all she can to help the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal, and has even adopted her own devils (Lucky and Molly) from the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary at Cradle Mountain.

Spiky - Bridge Panorama

Panorama shot: Spiky Bridge

Spiky - Bridge Top

Top, Spiky Bridge: angled rocks

Spiky - Bridge, Rural Tasmania

Spiky Bridge: save cows from falling

Spiky - Bridge Detail

Detail of rocks: Spiky Bridge

Spiky - Bridge, East Coast Tasmania

Spiky Bridge, east coast Tasmania

Spiky - Bridge, History

History of Spiky Bridge: information board

Angela Wilson has registered her Tasmanian Softies business as a member of Think Tasmania. The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal is also a registered member of Think Tasmania.

Spiky - Bridge, Swansea

Convict-built Spiky Bridge: south of Swansea

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Map: Spiky Bridge, Tasmania…

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