The Bruny Island artists have come out of their winter hibernation to show a variety of new works from paintings to jewellery, prints, textiles, pottery and much more to feast the eyes upon.

Spring Exhibitions Bruny Island

by Michael Morgan

Showing: Art at the Point Gallery
Address: 18 Main Road, Dennes Point
Telephone: 03 6260 6424

The first exhibition is on view during September until October 16th with creations by:

  • Laurie Cook – Wood sculptured ‘Bird Head Walking Stick’
  • Margaret Vandenberg – Lino Prints and Assemblages
  • Barbara Tassell – Digital Prints
  • Marlene Schmidt – Felt Sculptures
  • Lois Bury – ‘Green Rosella’ oil painting
  • Michael Morgan – ‘Joy of Life’ – Still Life oil painting and landscapes
  • Mahdi Chandler – Scarves
  • Anna Williams – Silver and Gold cast jewellery and pendants
  • Catriona Fitzgerald – Ceramics
Spring Exhibitions Bruny Island
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Spring exhibitions: Bruny Island (photos supplied)

Following this exhibition will be a major exhibition by Michael Morgan which will be opened by Dr. Graham Bury, Mayor of Kingborough at 2.00 pm on Saturday, 19th  October, 2013 and will be on view for a month. It will be titled ‘Bon Vivant’ meaning ‘one who lives well’ and will be a cache of images full of decorative sensuality inspired by aspects of the Bruny Island lifestyle and its delights, especially those obtained from Sea and Earth.

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Map: Spring Exhibitions Bruny Island

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