Here’s a special treat for you: the recipe for Michelle’s prize-winning Spud Cake! Technically, credit for the cake should go to Mrs Betty Holmes of Wynyard in north west Tasmania, who contributed her recipe to the Gunns Plains Potato Festival cookbook. Michelle used Mrs Holmes’ recipe when baking her entry for the recent cooking competition at her local community event.

Spud Cake - Gunns Plains Potato

Spud cake (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Holiday Fun: Spud Cake

For those of you who aren’t aware, Tasmanian farmers grow great potatoes. And to celebrate the local staple, each year the Gunns Plains Potato Festival is held in the north west on the local Recreation Day public holiday. The community and many visitors to the region come together to enjoy some old-fashioned, country fun.

Spud Cake - Gunns Plains Potato Festival Cookbook

Gunns Plains Potato Festival (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Once gathered at the country town hall in Gunns Plains, the committee supervise things to do including sack (of spuds) races, potato-throwing contests, and of course the all important cooking competition. Which brings us back to Michelle Kneipp Pegler and her prize-winning spud cake. And not just any prize… FIRST prize we might add.

Spud Cake - Prize Winning

Gunns Plains Potato Festival (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Winning Spud Cake

Besides being a writer, farmer and tour guide, Michelle is very active on Facebook.  Early in the day she posted this comment to her wall…

Gunns Plains Potato Festival day here. It’s a gorgeous blue sky day and warm. I’ve got a spud cake in the oven for the cooking comp. Don’t know if it will turn out as I’ve never cooked a cake with tattie in it before. Knowing my luck it’ll be a flop………lol

Spud Cake - Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Prize-winning, spud cake maker: Michelle (photo by John Pegler)

All Michelle’s friends wished her the best of luck for her spud cake. Later in the day, we were rewarded with another message…

Yay. I won First Prize and Highly Commended for my Spud Cake. As judged by the great Axeman David Foster and our Mayor Jan Bonde.

Spud Cake - Recipe by Mrs Betty Holmes of Wynyard

Spud cake recipe by Mrs Betty Holmes of Wynyard

Mrs Betty Holmes of Wynyard: Tasmanian Food

It was a suggestion from Roger Findlay (another dedicated member of the great team at Think Tasmania) that prompted us to ask Michelle to share her secret recipe with us. Not so secret as it turns out; but it sounds pretty straight-forward and it’s probably something even the novice baker could try. Mrs Holmes declares her spud cake a family favourite, and obviously the judges thought it was pretty good too!

Last year sometime I asked Michelle if there were any copies of the Gunns Plains Potato Festival cookbook available for sale. At that stage, you could still buy the few remaining copies of the cookbook by calling Yvonne on (03) 64291353. They were priced at $20.00 a copy.

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