We fell in love with St Helens on our very first visit. It was years ago, before we’d moved to Tasmania to live permanently, and we did contemplate taking up residence there. We chose Hobart as our home-base eventually, but we still enjoy holidays to north east Tassie whenever possible. Here’s five things to love about St Helens, in no particular order.

St Helens - North East Tasmania

Marina: St Helens, north east Tasmania

1. Fresh Seafood

You can get fresh seafood all over Tasmania, but in St Helens, it just seems… well, fresher! Love, love, love the Blue Shed seafood restaurant. Maybe it’s the view of fishing boats in the gorgeous marina that does it?

St Helens - Seafood

Flathead: Blue Shed Seafood Restaurant, St Helens

2. St Helens Beaches

Again… all over Tasmania! But the north east coast has some pretty amazing beaches to boast. Maybe it’s the relaxed-holiday travel away from home that does it?

St Helens - Beerbarrel Beach, Peron Dunes

Beerbarrel Beach, Peron Dunes: St Helens Point

3. Family Sports

Among other sporty adventures, our family played golf. At the risk of repeating myself (okay, that’s deliberate)… pick a town in Tasmania and you can probably play golf. Maybe it’s the bonus cherry orchard that does it?

St Helens - Cerise Brook Family Golf & Cherry Orchard

Cerise Brook Family Golf & Cherry Orchard

4. Neighbours of St Helens

Towns in Tasmania tend to be close together (compared to say the Nullarbor Plain in WA, for example!) and all have their own unique attraction. So why these towns then? From St Helens, you can easily travel to St Marys, ScamanderBinalong Bay, Pyengana or Weldborough for a spot of lunch or some additional shopping. Maybe it’s the chocolate fudge that does it?

St Helens - Mt Elephant Fudge Shop in St Marys

Mt Elephant Fudge: St Marys

5. Walking

If you’re a long-term reader of Think Tasmania, you’ll know we love walking. St Helens has so many walking options, from riverside jaunts around town, to waterfall bushwalks in the hinterland. Not unlike much of the rest of Tasmania, probably! Maybe it’s the magnificent scenery to accompany the walking that does it?

St Helens - St Columba Waterfall Walk

Pyengana Valley, Tasmania (photo Dan Fellow)

Do you love St Helens like we love St Helens? We know many of our Facebook friends do, so please… leave a reply here too, sharing your thoughts. We’d love to hear them.

St Helens - Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Binalong Bay and Bay of Fires (photo Dan Fellow)

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