What do we know about St Marys? Not nearly enough. We made a detour to the small town in north east Tasmania during our trip to St Helens. But a “detour” was not sufficient time for us to discover everything there was to discover.

St Marys - Caffeine Surfer

Caffeine Surfer: St Marys, Tasmania

Fingal Valley: A Stay in St Marys

We’d really like to return to St Marys, and stay for a couple of days. We hiked up South Sister Lookout (more about that later) but we’d love the opportunity to explore the surrounding mountains boasting waterfalls, rainforests, rivers and nature reserves. We had a great chat with some friendly locals while waiting for coffee and snacks. They were passionate about the tourist attractions in the region, and they’ve convinced us too!

We had planned to surprise Rita from Gone Rustic, but our surprise visit was ill-advised. The talented textile artist was taking a well-earned break, so her St Marys Studio and Gallery was closed for the week. What are the chances? Apparently fairly slim, as Rita rarely goes missing from the popular business. Next time.

St Marys - Gone Rustic

Gone Rustic Studio and Gallery

St Marys strikes me as the perfect town for a girly weekend escape. There’s certainly plenty of quirky galleries to browse. We don’t mean to exclude the blokes though. Apparently there’s a “Cranks and Tinkerers Museum” which we’ve heard described as eccentric. We failed to see the museum as well. Next time.

St Marys - E.Scape Gallery

eScApe Tasmanian Wilderness Cafe Gallery

St Marys - Madd=Mudd

Madd Mudd Art Gallery: St Marys

Galleries, Walks, Coffee and Chocolate

We definitely noticed that St Marys was a pretty little town. Coming from the east coast as we were, we had to negotiate one of two tricky “passes” (St Marys Pass or Elephant Pass). They were tricky for an L-plate driver anyway! Once we emerged from the the mountainous approach though, the townsfolk were immediately welcoming. The hairdresser in the main street emerged from her shop to wave our driver into a vacant parking space. So cute.

St Marys - Bridge Over Creek

Walkway behind St Marys Library

St Marys - Park

St Marys: north east Tasmania

Apparently you can dine on the world’s most amazing pancakes if you take Elephant Pass. Which we did not. We missed Mount Elephant Pancakes altogether. Next time. Can you see a pattern evolving here?

One thing we did NOT miss was the Mt Elephant Fudge shop. Obviously we have a good nose for chocolate. Especially the handmade, scrumptious version. We followed up the first sample with another batch from East Coast Village Providore in St Helens.

St Marys - Fudge Shop

Fudge shop: handmade chocolates

St Marys - Mount Elephant Fudge

Mount Elephant Fudge: handmade in Tasmania

We can vouch for the coffee at both Mt Elephant Fudge and Purple Possum. What we should have done though, was collect supplies from the amazing range of wholefoods in store. Yep, you got it… next time! We’ll be on the lookout for suitable accommodation, and planting ourselves in St Marys for a decent research mission. Stay tuned for that one.

St Marys - Purple Possum

Purple Possum bulk wholefoods and cafe

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