Stanley Tasmania: the dominant geographical feature of this quaint town on the north west coast is The Nut, an ancient volcanic landform rising above the ocean.

Stanley - The Nut & Beach

Stanley Tasmania: The Nut (photo by Roger Findlay)

Stanley and The NutNorth West Tasmania

by Roger Findlay

When visiting Stanley, you should allow at least a full day. You may wish to spend time in the historic grounds of Highfield House to learn the history of the Van Diemen’s Land Company. Or you could investigate some of the other things to do in the region.

Climbing The Nut in Stanley

At 150 metres above sea level, The Nut is not that high. The summit can be accessed by cable way or by walking a steep concrete path.

Stanley - Climbing The Nut

Roger climbs The Nut: Stanley (photo supplied)

If you’re the fit type, the walk would be a comfortable fifteen minutes while for others it would be a lot of huffing and puffing and sore legs in the morning. Magnificent views of the beach, ocean and the township of Stanley are the reward for reaching the summit.

Stanley - North West Tasmania

Stanley from The Nut (photo by Roger Findlay)

The Nut is like a grassed table top and it is well worth walking the perimeter pathways where the ocean views continually change.

Seafood in Stanley

Being a fishing town, Stanley has an excellent fish café and wet fish outlet. As a reward for climbing The Nut, we chose to buy and cook a feast of scallops and fish at a park alongside the beach.

Stanley - Scallops

Scallops: Stanley, Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

The crayfish have to be some of the best I’ve seen and give me good reason to visit the area again. I may need to rob a bank first though, as the big crays were about $150 each!

Stanley - Crayfish

Crayfish: Stanley Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)


Map: Stanley Tasmania

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