If you’re a regular reader, looking for information about all things Tasmanian, please go right ahead and ignore this article. There’s plenty of other lovely articles with great photos and great stories, and you’ll love to read them. This one is just a bunch of stats… figures about the Think Tasmania website that you won’t find interesting.

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Don’t bother with Think Tasmania stats! 

Stats: For Those That Need to Know!

There’s probably only three groups of people who may find these stats interesting…

This is also a convenient place for me to store all the relevant stats in one place. People seem to ask about these figures all the time. So if I list them all here, I can update the stats every now and then and satisfy their curiosity. Very convenient for me. But again, possibly not very interesting for you.

Website Traffic Stats

Okay, so let’s talk traffic stats. How many views does the website attract?

  • 49,238 views during the month of January 2014
  • 960,794 all-time views from launch to 16/02/14
  • 3,029 – the most views in a single day

By 16 February 2014, we’d published a total of 943 articles. All of them optomised for search engines, helping Internet searchers find relevant information about Tasmania. All the articles remain on the website indefinitely, sorted into categories and listed in the index. It’s interesting to note that many of the articles are found, read and shared long after the publication date.

Social Media and Email Newsletter

You’ve probably gathered by now (if you’re still reading this) that the website is our number one focus. We do love social media, and we use several platforms to help grow our website audience. If you’re particularly interested in social media stats, this section is for you! As at 16 February 2014, Think Tasmania had…

  • 2,350 email subscribers
  • 4,044 personal Facebook followers… for some obscure reason, business pages are not counted in that. Go figure!
  • 1,538 Twitter followers

We manage Facebook pages on behalf of business owners, so that’s our favourite platform. We also utilise TwitterPinterest and Instagram to very good effect.

Height, Weight, Age and Eye Colour

On January 12, I weighed in at… just kidding! I think that’s quite enough boring stats for now. It’s surprising how many people feel the need to ask about these figures. Personally, I like words WAY better than numbers. I love to communicate with people through words and pictures, and Think Tasmania has been a great vehicle to do just that. I guess the stats reveal there’s lots of people searching for all things Tasmanian, and like the way we present the information. That’s very nice to know, and will inspire us to continue improving. Stay tuned, because we’ll be revealing more clever initiatives just around the corner.

Before we sign off, we must confess: it’s taken four years of hard slog to build all these stats. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. Without the dedication and genius of Gavin, our qualified and experienced IT bloke, we’d still be floundering. His expertise combined with the many skills, talents and passions of our writers and photographers, has given us this lovely place to share information with everyone.

If you’ve read this entire article, congratulations. If you’ve done so because you’re keen to promote your business online, please contact Think Tasmania immediately! We’d love to hear from you.

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