Nobody told me there’d be days like these
Strange days indeed — strange days indeed
~ John Lennon

Strange - Murray Street Hobart

Hobart: Murray Street

Snow. That’s Not So Strange!

Yesterday started with views of snow blanketing the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart. That’s not so strange for Tasmania, even for late October. It’s maybe a little unusual, given the calm and sunny spring weather we’ve been enjoying of late. Talk about a bolt from the blue!

You know what is strange though? Me… I didn’t take a photo of the snow. I just looked at it, and marvelled, without raising my camera. I’m losing my touch.

Strange - Snow on Mt Wellington, Hobart

Hobart: Mt Wellington snow

Later in the morning, while walking Coco, the clouds descended over Mt Wellington and obscured my view of the snow. Opportunity lost. The clouds also dumped a great  deal of rain on the pair of us as we walked. There was so much rain, to be honest even Coco thought we were a bit mad to be outside. And she’s part husky, according to her records from the Dogs Homes of Tasmania!

Strange - Sleeping on the Couch

Coco is part husky, believe it or not!

Coffee and Cake: Also Not Strange

Another strange thing happened yesterday. We met the team from Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates in Hobart. Again, that’s not so strange for Think Tasmania, to meet with business owners. Not strange at all, in fact.

Strange - Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates

Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates, Hobart (photo supplied)

The strange part then? While enjoying a latte and some scrumptious afternoon tea in the travel agents’ Macquarie Street office, we noticed pink insulation batts as they were whipped across the road in a frenzied whirl. We gave the weird scene just a momentary glance as we refocused our attention on Holland America Line.

Tell you what… rep Faye Hadzis had us in the palm of her hand. Holland America Line sounds like an amazing option for a cruising holiday. The company is currently offering an exclusive Hobart cruise ship departure, something completely out of the ordinary for the local port. Hobart embarkation is normally out of the question, with passengers required to fly to Sydney to join a cruise. Unfortunately, there’s only a few available suites left aboard the ms Oosterdam for that particular journey, so anyone interested will have to get in quick. If you happen to miss that rare chance though, keep an eagle eye on the Facebook page of Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates. The travel information sessions they hold are casual and relaxed yet extremely informative about specific holiday options.

Strange - Holland America Line

Holland America Line: Thorpe & Turner (photo supplied)

Wicked Weather

As we were leaving Thorpe & Turner’s lovely office, housed in a beautiful old building at 127 Macquarie Street, our car was totally outnumbered by police cars. Emergency service personnel were moving to close the roads to traffic. We just thought our strange day was continuing, as we quickly (and fortuitously) zipped out of the city and back to the eastern shore.

Strange - Hadleys Hotel Hobart

Hadleys Hotel, Hobart

As it turns out, the wild weather had peeled back a section of roof at Hadleys Hotel in Murray Street, just around the corner from our car. And that explains the insulation batts! Our friends at The Old Woolstore (the sister property of Hadleys Hotel) have advised the damage will be repaired in a timely manner. Anyone with a reservation should be reassured the restoration program remains on track and guests of the hotel won’t notice any disruption. Thank goodness no-one was injured. And thank goodness our days are not normally this strange, but generally run-of-the-mill ordinary.

Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates, the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania and The Old Woolstore have all registered as members of Think Tasmania.

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Map: Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates, Hobart…

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