After a morning of Anzac Day activities, we chose to drive out of Whitemark to the Strzelecki National Park. Flinders Island is not big and that means you can do a lot in a day. Being approximately 60kms long x 30kms wide, touring on the sealed and well-made unsealed roads is easy going for the normal two-wheel-drive vehicle.

Strzelecki - National Park, Flinders Island

Fotheringate Beach; Strzelecki Ranges, Flinders Island

Strzelecki: Summit of Flinders Island

by Roger Findlay

The twenty minute drive from Whitemark takes you down past the imposing Mt. Strzelecki and the starting point for the walk to the summit. For those choosing to tackle this moderately difficult walk, 3.5 hours should be allowed for the return trip. Only those with the suitable footwear, waterproofs, day pack, food and water should go as the going is not easy and the weather conditions constantly change. It is also essential to sign the register on commencement and on return.

Tranquility: Trousers Point

We continued down to Trousers Point in the cool, wet and blustery conditions but the short walks and the spectacular scenery kept us more than happy. Trousers Point is a popular spot for the locals. There are lots of sheltered bays and beaches as well as camping sites, BBQ facilities, table settings, toilets and shelters. A Forest Raven greeted us. He was scrounging a tasty morsel but, today, he was out of luck unless he liked mints!

Strzelecki - Trousers Point

Trousers Point: Strzelecki National Park, Flinders Island

The crystal clear water played tricks with my fully focused eyes as I imagined crayfish, squid or flounder below the whirlpools that I saw. Two sailing boats were moored out in the bay and I envied those choosing this tranquil lifestyle. On this public holiday, we were the only people there so it wasn’t busy and that’s how we like it on Flinders Island and Tasmania in general.

Strzelecki - Trousers Point Coastline

Trousers Point: Flinders Island, Tasmania

Fotheringate Beach, Flinders Island

Further down the road we came to a sign that read “Fotheringate Beach”. The short walk took us to another magnificent setting with scenery of exceptional beauty. Not once did we see litter and that is a credit to those using the Strzelecki National Park and to the sole Park Ranger.

Strzelecki - Fotheringate Beach

Fotheringate Beach via Mt Strezlecki

Vistas on Trousers Point: Chappell’s Restaurant

For those wishing to stay in the Strzelecki National Park, Vistas on Trousers Point provides exclusive accommodation as well as Chappell’s Restaurant that is open on certain days of the week. It was closed when we visited but it’s on the list for next time. I have seen the menu on their website and decided on the following:

Entrée: Abalone marinated in almond oil & rosemary

Main: Flinders Island lamb rump with red wine & mint jus

Oh! I forgot the Unavale cabernet sauvignon. Jeanette likes that.

Strzelecki - Trousers Point Vista

Stunning coastal vistas of Trousers Point

I am relying on the locals to inform me of how Trousers Point got the name. Was it from a trouserless man that got washed ashore from a shipwreck in 1872? Or a box of trousers that washed ashore from a wreck in 1875? Let me know.

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Map: Strzelecki National Park, Flinders Island, Tasmania

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