Summer time in Hobart… awesome time; awesome city. We had a fun-filled holiday at home over the festive season. But we really need to get back into our regular routine. Soon. It’s almost Australia Day! We are about to resume hosting duties for international visitors, and once that’s organised… we’ll be back here, writing and publishing articles as always.

Summer Time in Hobart, Tasmania

Summer Time in Hobart, Tasmania

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Summer Time in Hobart

Sailing yachts: Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney to Hobart

Summer Time in Hobart

Following, find some of our social media snaps, taken and shared during summer time in Hobart.

We had a late breakfast (as you do on holidays!) at Born in Brunswick, North Hobart. Really enjoyed everything about the experience.

Summer in Hobart - Born in Brunswick

Born in Brunswick: North Hobart

We discovered a newish punt on the Hobart waterfront. Not seafood, but ice-cream. We’re thinking that’s a fabulous idea, and we have VDL on the bucket list.

Summer in Hobart - Van Diemen's Land Creamery

Hobart Ice-cream: Van Diemen’s Land Creamery

Summer time in Hobart means… seafood, yes? We lunched on this delicious salad at Tasmania Golf Club (near Barilla Bay Oysters). Prawns, we know… not exactly Tasmanian. But everything (and especially the squid) was fresh and tasty and we want more!

One of the most remarkable places we visited, was Stefano Lubiana Wines. The Osteria at Granton is breathtakingly gorgeous and the wines are well-worthy of a tasting. It’s just north of Hobart en-route to New Norfolk, too.

Summer in Hobart - Stefano Lubiana Wines, Granton

Stefano Lubiana Osteria: Granton

At the risk of sharing too many photos of food (is there such a thing?) we also ate at Czeg’s Cafe during a trip to Richmond. It was the first time, but definitely will not be the last time we eat there.

Summer Time in Hobart - Czeg's Cafe, Richmond

Pork belly and scallops: Czeg’s Cafe

After a lengthy break from attending Hobart’s premier food festival, we booked a table at Taste of Tasmania. Best. Idea. Ever. Next year we’ll go again, and more than once. We’ll eat, drink and be merry. Happy Summer!

Summer Time in Hobart - Taste of Tasmania

Summer time in Hobart: Taste of Tasmania

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