There’s a never-ending supply of awesome sunset scenes captured by talented photographers in Tasmania. We regularly proffer the chance for photo publication via our website, to our social media contributors. So we thought, now’s the time. We’ll give a little extra exposure (oh yeah, we went there!) to the clever snappers who support our Facebook page, answering submission calls.

And of course we should acknowledge the two feature photographers at Think Tasmania, who we could never manage without: Carol Haberle and Dan Fellow.

Sunset - Images, Tasmania

Think Tasmania: sunset photographs

Sunset: A Moment in Time

We could’ve just shared the sunset images via our Facebook page. That would’ve be so much easier! But that fleeting moment would have been and gone in an instant. Besides, anyone who doesn’t follow social media would have missed the fun altogether. This way, readers can share the article with their friends, and also bookmark for later. But the extra effort does take more time, planning and opportunity; hence the delay from idea to publication here. Sorry about that!

Sunset - Braddons Lookout Forth

Braddons Lookout, Forth (photo by Carol Haberle)

Sunset - Tasmania Photos

Sunset (photo by Dan Fellow)

But… better late than never, we now present to you an album of sunset photos for your enjoyment. You’re welcome! Take note of each photographer’s details. Some of them are professionals who sell images either as a full-time career or a side-line hobby. If you like what you see here, their collection of images may contain photos you simply cannot live without.

As usual, copyright remains with the owner of the image, and you must have their express permission to re-use. And while we’re on the subject of permission, please only supply images to Think Tasmania (even via social media hashtags, etc) that you are legally entitled to share. These details are very important to us… we like to do the right thing. Always.

Sunset - Bruny Island

Beautiful sunset, Bruny Island (photo by Tezel Tanis)

Sunset - Alonnah, Bruny Island

Beautiful sunset, Bruny Island (photos by Tezel Tanis)

Sunrise to Sunset and Beyond

We should share more images like this, shouldn’t we? It’s the least we can do for the talented photographers of Tasmania. When Gavin has our new website up and running, we’ll include some lovely image galleries, which will make things ever-so smart and pretty. Sunset, sunrise, seascape and landscape. People, towns, food and drink. The possibilities are endless; as always they’ll feature “all things Tasmanian” of course. Can’t wait for that one. No pressure or anything, Gavin!

Sunset - Derwent River, Mount Wellington

Snapped this sunset with the phone!

Sunset - Dunalley

Sunset image, Dunalley (photo by Karen Tims)

Sunset - Agfest

Sunset photo at Agfest (photo by Michelle Smith)

We are really hoping each photographer featured here will comment below, giving our readers more information about their image/s. The when, where, why and how of their photo/s and perhaps where they can be followed online. That would be very useful, we think. Of course, other business owners who are handy with a camera but not actually professionals, are also welcome to contribute next time we open the floor. Just another handy way to spread the word about your products and services.

If you’re a photographer or happy-snapper, keep an eye out for more opportunities to share your work via Think Tasmania. And of course, as always, you are free to contact us privately. Or leave a message on this article if you like. You may even like to suggest a theme for another album, similar to this sunset one.