If you follow social media at all, you’d have surely seen photos of the recent Super Moon or Supermoon, if you prefer. Or even Super Full Moon. It’s all the same to us.

Super Moon - Social Media

Photos: Super Moon on social media

Super Moon: Super Photos

There are Facebook pages dedicated to the Super Moon phenomenon, and there you’ll see fabulous photography from very dedicated shutterbugs. Here’s just a few random samples…

To be honest, we’re not really avid astronomers, or even particularly adept with a camera beyond the happy-snap level. We did manage to snare a few photos of the moon at 7:30am on Monday 14 July, which was actually way past the prime viewing time for the main event.

Astute and talented photographers were out during the night of July 12 to capture the Super Moon in all its glory. We’ve linked here to an extraordinarily impressive photo taken by Richard Jupe for The Mercury, one of Tasmania’s newspapers, as shared via their Facebook page.

Super Moon - Tasmania

Taken 7:30am Monday 14 July

Get Ready for Next Super Moon

You might be wondering why we’re telling you all this now… when it’s too late? Well it’s not too late actually. Consider this article to be advance notice for the next Super Moon. Have your cameras at the ready on August 11. The full moon is due at 4:10am, believe it or not. It may be an early start for enthusiasts! You can find times and dates for all moon phases for Hobart online.

Super Moon - Hobart

Hobart’s next 2014 Super Moon: August 11

The Time and Date website also has a detailed article in the astronomy section about the Super Moon, so if you’re keen on some extra reading we’ve included a link for you.

For Think Tasmania’s international readers, we could say you need to visit us to capture the best photos of the Super Moon. That would be a reasonable assertion for the Aurora Australis, but not so for the Super Moon. This is a world-wide opportunity… because it’s the moon! CBS San Francisco published an informative article about the Super Moon if you’re from that neck of the woods.

Super Moon - Photography

Get out your zoom lens: focus on Super Moon

Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania

We will grudgingly admit that you don’t have to visit Tasmania just to photograph the Super Moon. But we think you should come anyway! Maybe you can chase the Aurora lights as well, if that helps justify the trip?

Super Moon - Shutterbugs

Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania tutor photography

Besides, you won’t find Roy and Coreena Vieth anywhere else! Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania host regular “suggested” tours, but also cater for customised experiences. The information from their website would suggest Roy and Coreena could provide the perfect instruction for capturing the Super Moon…

Shutterbug Walkabouts offers private and personalised special interest (photography) touring experiences visiting iconic and picturesque locations in Tasmania, with a photographer guide.

Create your own customised tour that ensures your individual interests are catered for. During each tour we make the most of the time, light and conditions available and provide guidance for better travel photography.

An outdoor photography workshop is ideal for focussing on your photography skill and technique taking your photography to another level. You will learn from the experience and knowledge of an award-winning photographer to discover newfound knowledge to inspire your inner shutterbug.

All tours and workshops are suited to general interest, novice and experienced photographers alike, our tours are private and personal and can be adapted to suit.

If you’re local to Tasmania, you could easily treat yourself or someone you love to a gift of photography tuition with Roy and Coreena. As they’d say themselves… imagine the photos you could take!

Roy and Coreena Vieth have registered their business as a member of Think Tasmania. For more information, follow Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania on Facebook or contact Coreena and Roy Vieth by phone (03) 6267 2952. You can also visit the Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania website.

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