So who or what is Sweet-As? That was the question on the eager lips of everyone at the South Arm Fun Day. And here is the answer.

Soon - Sweet-As

Sweet-As Rock Candy: available online

What is Sweet-As?

Sweet-As is the business of a hardworking couple from Opossum Bay. Sharon and George produce handmade Tasmanian lollies, and they clearly love their work.

Handmade Tasmanian: Delectable Devilish

Not only do they deliver on the delectable rock candy promise, but the Sweet-As production process is very entertaining. Starting with a boiling pot of liquid goo, they work seamlessly together to churn out the most intricate, edible handmade Tasmanian treats before the very eyes of their customers.

And all the while they are smiling and laughing and answering lots of questions from the audience. Of course, the smell of aniseed wafting about the oval drew a large crowd at South Arm. The prospect of sampling the end result didn’t hurt either!

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So if you see the Sweet-As van, step up onto the platform and take in a show! You won’t be able to resist the temptation once you see them in action. What they do from their portable commercial kitchen trailer is amazing.

Sharon and George travel the Tasmanian festival and events circuit to sell their rock candy. They also have a stall at the Salamanca Market offering previously-produced bags of rock candy, including my personal favourite: Chocodiles.

Sweet-As Rock Candy

Sweet-As has a huge standard range of handmade Tasmanian rock candy. They also sell brightly coloured lollipops. Customers can arrange to have personalised gifts made for weddings, parties and conferences.

February is fast approaching and so is #festivale. Yippee yippee

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Sharon and George can be contacted via Sweet-As online or by phone: 0429 161 220. Or of course, just find their van at an event near you. If that’s not possible, you can order their rock candy online via the Sweet-As online shop.