When I got the invitation to write about a cake shop, I instantly knew I was completely qualified for the job! As you by now know, I love all things sweet, and I love taking photos of beautiful food. Having read a bit about Sweet Envy on their website I was super excited when I packed my camera (and taste buds) to investigate this sweet treat in North Hobart.

Sweet Envy - North Hobart

Sweet Envy, North Hobart (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Sweet Envy: The Scoop

by Anelda Lötter

Sweet Envy, situated at 341 Elizabeth Street in North Hobart, is so much more than your average coffee shop. It is indeed a coffee shop, but they also cater for functions; do wedding and other themed cakes; serve homemade ice cream… In short they can provide for all your sweet and savoury needs, whatever the occasion.

Sweet Envy - Beautiful Variety

Sweet Envy: North Hobart (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Owners Teena and Alistair

Teena Kearney-Wise and her husband Alistair Wise started this shop in August 2010. Both from Tasmania, these two have travelled a lot and decided to combine all the wonderful things they saw and loved into one shop. Alistair loves making ice cream and sweets, while Teena is a whiz when it comes to making beautiful wedding cake creations. The name Sweet Envy was born as a brainstorming team effort by the owners. This couple truly can bake up a storm!

Sweet Envy - Cupcakes

Sweet Envy cupcakes (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Both Alistair and Teena come from homes where their parents did a lot of cooking; Alistair’s mum Sally Wise has published six cookbooks. The couple became known by their friends and family for making good food. Teena describes Alistair as the creative one, always coming up with new ideas and combinations (especially early morning) while Teena likes to use the wedding cakes as her own creative outlet. Interesting to learn, Teena told me that wedding cakes these days are more vibrant in colour, moving away from the traditional pastel colours.

Sweet Envy - Cakes

Sweet Envy Cakes (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Sweet Envy caters for all sorts of functions and parties, able to deliver to a client’s requests and desires. The most interesting cake Teena recalls making was an iceberg-shaped wedding cake complete with sinking Titanic and bride and groom penguins!

At Sweet Envy they aim to please and do their best to create a dream cake; samples give inspiration and show off their creations. You can also browse through a folder to get ideas for your special party. But be sure to book your catering request early; they had two enquiries in just the short time I spent in the shop!

Sweet Envy - Party Cakes

Beautiful display cakes (photo by Anelda Lötter)

The Staff

The friendly staff at Sweet Envy really do add to the experience. They even learn the names of their regular customers. They will soon have to learn my name too, as I’m definitely going back for more! Their aim is to make their clients feel special.

The team can assist you with advice for parties and create extraordinary treats for any occasion. I asked for a few tips for Think Tasmania readers on how to ensure a great party:

  • Over cater – it is better to have too much food than too little (then you have some left overs for the next day!)
  • Be sure to order a variety of food for your function or party
  • Keep the eats simple. Simple is better and less work!

The Sweets

I saw so many inviting sweets on display, that I had to ask for help. I was told the favourite with customers was the Pecan Sticky Bun. I then had to try it! It is a rolled up pastry dipped in caramel and pecan nuts. I also took some macarons home to eat while writing this article. I can tell you, I had sweet thoughts when I wrote about this wonderful shop!

Sweet Envy - Pecan Sticky Bun

Sweet Envy: Pecan Sticky Bun (photo by Anelda Lötter)

The Shop

This coffee and cake shop with its cozy vintage look and feel will also take you back in time. To a time you sat at your grandmother’s kitchen table with hands full of cakes and sweets. Sweet Envy is sophisticated with the values of quality, presentation and customer service at their core. People drop in almost every minute; either to sit and have a chat and cake, or to take away some treats to have at home. It sure is a busy little shop, which also speaks a thousand words about their produce.

Sweet Envy - Vintage Feel

Sweet Envy: North Hobart (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Businesses like Sweet Envy really impresses me about Tasmania. The warmth and friendliness of the people will stay with you, long after you’ve forgotten what you ate there. Both locals and visitors to Hobart must embrace these wonderful joys, right on our doorstep.

Even the customers are friendly. One man (French by origin but now living in Tassie) was eager to tell me that he brought his friend from the US here and they just loved the macarons and brownies. This coming from a Frenchman (they sure know their sweet treats) impressed me!

Sweet Envy - Macarons

Macarons: Sweet Envy (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Teena’s daughter, Matilda, offered me a job… but only if I could make coffee, and only after the other girls had left for the day. I think I will stick to eating the treats and taking pictures and leaving that job to the pros! The staff at Sweet Envy sure know their job and I will be visiting again soon. I have to take my now envious husband along to make up for the fact that I did not save him any cake.

Editor’s Note: Sweet Envy in North Hobart was brought to our attention during the Great Tasmanian Cupcake Challenge. Thanks to the astute Think Tasmania Facebook fan for that mention!

Anelda Lötter has her own photography business: Anelda Lötter Photography. She moved from her native South Africa to make her home in Hobart. Once a lawyer, Anelda is passionate about capturing special memories for people and promises good, friendly service.  Follow Anelda Lötter Photography on Facebook or phone 0459 192 091 to find out more about her business.

Map: Sweet Envy, North Hobart Tasmania

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