With the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race complete for another year, there’s not much left to say. So how about I share some photos? Tasmania provides the backdrop, so that’s a good start. But then there’s large, fast sailing boats; lots of people and activity; clouds, water reflection. That’s a lot to cope with for a hobby photographer like me! Hopefully you can appreciate the good intentions?

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race: Line Honours

First home in 2010 was Wild Oats XI. From six starts, the 100-foot super maxi has now taken line honours on five occasions. Last year they finished second behind Alfa Romeo.

After two days and almost eight hours sailing south in some of the worst conditions in recent years, Wild Oats XI arrived to a warm welcome. The Sydney to Hobart yacht race fleet had to cope with periods of strong headwinds along Australia’s east coast, while Bass Strait delivered one of its famous gale-force challenges.

Supporters of Wild Oats XI, the  provisional winner, had to survive a protest by the race committee. Disqualification (following issues with radio communication) was overturned on appeal, to the relief of skipper Mark Richards and his team.

Sailing South: The Challenges

The 11 nautical miles of the Derwent River, the southernmost section of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, was smooth sailing. The other 617 nautical miles, however, were not so kind!

Two sailors fell overboard from YuuZoo but were luckily rescued by their own crew. Their bad luck continued: during the first night, water flooded the yacht forcing their withdrawal from the race. A total of 18 yachts (from 87 starters) were forced to retire.

And before the fleet had even negotiated Sydney Heads, super maxi Wild Thing collided with a media boat trying to get that perfect shot. There’s a great idea for some awesome photos!  Tasmania provided some calm conditions for the finish, compared to the frantic start and hectic sail south.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Finish: Constitution Dock

The coveted sailing trophy for corrected time honours (the Tattersall’s Cup),  is actually the major prize of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. In 2010, the handicap win went to Secret Mens Business, after a change in wind conditions hampered race favourite Victoire, during the final leg down the Tasmanian East Coast.

Investec Loyal was a favourite among the race spectators at Constitution Dock. Hoping to catch a glimpse (and maybe a photo), Tasmania hosted the celebrity crew at the finish of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Combining with experienced offshore sailors were Larry Emdur, Danny Green, Grant Hackett, Phil Waugh, Phil Kearns, Layne Beachley, Geoff Huegill and Matthew Hayden, to name a few!

There’s a great atmosphere at Constitution Dock for the finish of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Locals, race supporters and Tasmanian tourists mingle on Hobart’s waterfront and enjoy the spectacle of the international sailing event. Enhanced by the Taste Festival, the spirit of Christmas and the New Year period. Hobart in December is a nice place to be.

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