Table Cape in the north west of Tasmania boasts some of the best views in the state. Looking out to Bass Strait from the lighthouse, you could be completely alone. Just you and the elements; isolated from the rest of the island. Yet across the Inglis River, Wynyard is only a few kilometres away.

Table Cape - Lighthouse

The lighthouse: Table Cape, Tasmania

Table Cape Tulip Farm

The area is best known for the Table Cape Tulip Farm. Beautiful photographs taken by professionals grace many Tasmanian tourism brochures. The hobby enthusiast can also snap away, knowing the bright blooms combined with a background of Bass Strait and the lighthouse greatly improve your chances of a spectacular shot.

While the tulips flower in September and October, you can visit the Table Cape region at other times (as we did), and still appreciate the awesome vista. The walk from the car park to Fossil Bluff Lookout, located just west of Wynyard, is steep but manageable, and the views back over the golf course towards the town are worth the effort.

Table Cape - Fossil Bluff

Fossil Bluff Lookout: Wynyard to Table Cape

Table Cape - Wynyard Golf Course

Wynyard Golf Course: Fossil Bluff Lookout

Table Cape Lighthouse

Follow Table Cape Road further west, and for more stunning views you have two options. You can park the car at a lookout just past the tulip farm and take the Table Cape Walkway to the lighthouse. It’s a 45 minute return venture along the cliff top.

Table Cape - Lookout to Lighthouse Walkway

Table Cape Lookout: walk to the lighthouse

Walkers are warned of moderate hazards, and reminded to supervise children. Good advice, especially so close to the edge of the cliff; but the walk is still quite suitable for families. The path is well-formed and follows a comfortable gradient.

The second option (if you don’t like the wind whipping your hair around) is take a quick drive to the Table Cape Lighthouse. The roads around the tulip farm are good, even for caravans, and you can park right at the bottom of the 25 metre light station.

Table Cape - Lighthouse & Tulip Farm

Table Cape Lighthouse: tulip bulbs

You can take a 45-minute tour of the lighthouse for $15 per adult by appointment. The visitor centre at the tulip farm takes bookings, or you can book online. The Table Cape Lighthouse Experience website has some fabulous images and lots of interesting information about the area. Just imagine the views over the tulip farm in the spring from the top of the lighthouse…  I have noted my diary already!

Tasmania: Scenic Vista to Produce for your Table

The farmers from Table Cape not only grow perfect flowers, but are also responsible for some of the finest Tasmanian produce. There’s no wonder, when you see the rich colours of the soil. And apparently the Inglis River is famous for fabulous trout fishing, with offshore fishing opportunities too.

Table Cape - Farming Tasmanian Produce

Farms: Table Cape to Boat Harbour

So… Table Cape: definitely worth a detour further west from Burnie. Also include Boat Harbour and Stanley, before you turn south towards Strahan and the wilderness of the west coast.

Map of Table Cape, Tasmania…

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