Take on the Edge is a new campaign to promote the Circular Head region in the north west of Tasmania. And it’s a winner! We’re planning a visit to Stanley and the surrounding district early in 2012. And even though there’s lots of beautiful places around the state we’ve still got to write about, this is one place we’re really excited about. While we wait patiently until it’s time to get organised, here’s some photos from professional tourism photographer Dan Fellow for you to enjoy.

Take on the Edge - Rainbow over The Nut, Stanley

Rainbow: Stanley beach and The Nut (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Stanley Chairlift

Chairlift: The Nut, Stanley Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Stanley in Spring

The Nut in Stanley (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Historic Highfield House Stanley

Historic Highfield House: Stanley Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Tall Timbers Smithton

Tall Timbers: Smithton (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Duck Bay, Smithton

Duck Bay, Smithton Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Take on the Edge - Edge of the World

Edge of the World, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Want to “Take on the Edge” now you’ve seen these images? Well wait… there’s more. Here’s a link to the actual video recently released by the official Circular Head tourism association.

We’ll let you know more about how we plan to “take on the edge” closer to the time. If you have any suggestions about things we absolutely must see and do while we’re there, just contact us.

We’ve also published an article written by Janette Bishop of Beachside Retreat West Inlet about things to do in Stanley – check that out too!

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Map: Take on the Edge…

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