For the first time in over 15 years the Hobart seascape will resemble how it looked in the days when sailing ships provided our only contact with the outside world. This is a reason to visit Tasmania second to none. Many of the tall ships will be open and accessible to the public.

Tall Ships - Young Endeavour

Tall Ships Hobart: Young Endeavour (photo supplied)

Tall Ships Hobart

by Len Langan

The Dutch barque Europa in company with the 165 foot schooner Oosterschelde and the 125 foot Tecla are currently on-route from Mauritius from which they will follow the same course that Abel Tasman used on his voyage 371 years ago.

The British ship Lord Nelson is also heading to this event to meet up with our own Lady Nelson for the very first time. The Lord Nelson is the only ship in the world designed to be sailed by people with varying physical abilities on equal terms, from able-bodied to wheelchair users.

Tall Ships - Lord Nelson

Tall Ships Hobart (photo supplied)

This striking fleet will be joined by the Indonesian Navy’s brigantine Dewa Ruci, a magnificent German-built ship on which the main mast soars to 120 feet and that carries more than 11,000 square feet of sail. For this ship it will be her final voyage before becoming a museum ship to be replaced with a new Dewa Ruci now under construction.

Tall Ships - Dewa Ruci

Dewa Ruci (photo supplied)

Add to this as icing on a glorious cake: Tasmania’s own Windeward Bound; thirty three metre, two masted brigantine, the Soren Larson; and the Royal Australian Navy’s Young Endeavour. The visiting ships will arrive on Friday 20 September and will open to the public from Saturday 21 to Tuesday 24.

Tall Ships - Windeward Bound

Tasmanian Windeward Bound (photo supplied)

Tall Ships Hobart 2013 in an event is produced by Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Inc. A full program is available online. Jill & Len Langan will be joining the Tasmanian celebrations for Tall Ships Hobart 2013 during September.

Tall Ships Hobart 2013: permission to publish photos granted by Daryl Poobles (Media and Communications Manager) Australian Wooden Boat Festival inc. For more details phone 0418 972 420.

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