If you’ve followed Think Tasmania for a while, you’ll probably understand why Tamar Island Wetlands Centre was a good option for us with regards to walking.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre - Tamar Valley via Launceston

Bird-watching and wildlife: Tasmania

Boardwalk: Tamar Island Wetlands Centre

We don’t do epic, overnight hiking. We do like a moderate walk occasionally though, and our visit to Tamar Island Wetlands Centre was a good choice.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre - Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

Entrance: Tamar Island Wetlands

The site is managed by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife… so no dogs allowed. Sorry Coco! The return walk runs to 4km and the boardwalk from the information centre towards Tamar Island is flat. The first of the bird hides and public toilets are located close to the entrance for those who can’t manage long distance.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre - Reserve

Tamar Island Wetlands via Launceston Tasmania

Picnic with a Pelican

For those who continue walking to the 7-hectare island, there’s a picnic area with gas barbecue and additional toilets. It would make for a great meeting place for families interested in wildlife and bird watching. Of course, little ones would need supervision near the tidal water.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre - Boardwalk

Boardwalk to Tamar Island

Walkers may be rewarded with sightings of “pelicans, swans, cormorants and numerous other bird species as well as frogs, dragonflies and lizards” according to Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. There’s also the possibility of a snake encounter, so stay watchful.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre - Information

Tamar Valley: Tamar Island Wetlands Centre

Where are the Wetlands?

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre is located on the West Tamar Highway between the suburbs of Riverside and Legana, just a 10-minute drive from downtown Launceston. It makes a terrific itinerary addition for tourists on the Tamar Valley Wine Route. Contact Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service for more information.

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