The day of our Taroona walk turned out to be “one of those days”, when things didn’t go entirely to plan. We set out to take photos of the Taroona Shot Tower for a social media client, and we did get one or two acceptable images we could use. So that’s all good. But the coastal discovery trail wasn’t exactly what we’d anticipated.

Taroona Walk - Show Tower

Taroona Shot Tower: Tasmania

Taroona Walk… the Coastal Trail

We don’t mention stuff we don’t like. We are writing about our Taroona walk, so obviously we did enjoy it. We just encountered a few hiccups along the way, that’s all. For starters, we chose the wrong place to park. We ventured down a skinny avenue (made even skinnier than usual by roadworks) and then squeezed the car into a one-way lane near the foreshore. It would’ve been much smarter to start our walk from the Kelvedon Soccer Ground, or even Flinders Esplanade near the Taroona High School.

The parking turned out to be just the first hurdle though. When we hit the walking track, we ran into a roadblock about 150 metres in. Unbeknown to us, we’d timed our walk to coincide perfectly with renovations at the Taroona Sewage Treatment Plant. Wouldn’t you know it, the foreshore was fenced off.

Taroona Walk - Path

From Seaview Ave: Taroona

We detoured with determination though… up the street and around the back, and down to the foreshore again past the Taroona Bowls Club, Skate Park and Apex Park. In hindsight, Apex Park would’ve been a much better place (again!) to park the car and start our Taroona walk. You live and you learn!

Taroona Walk - Apex Park

Parking, playground and picnic: Taroona Apex Park

Taroona Walk - Bowls Club

Prime position: Taroona Bowls Club

Taroona Park and Beach

Back on the coastal trail, we made a mental note about Taroona Park… great place for a bbq or a picnic. Not for dogs though, they’re not allowed. Which brings me to another point about our Taroona walk. We wouldn’t rate this a dog-friendly outing. Several sections were classified no-go zones for Coco, so we did follow separate paths occasionally. Much to Coco’s disgust.

Taroona Walk - Alum Cliffs

Great views: Alum Cliffs, Taroona Walk

Taroona Walk - Park

No dogs allowed: Taroona Park

Taroona Walk - No Dogs

Taroona Walk: not exactly dog-friendly

If you’re  reading this and you don’t have a dog… perfect. The Taroona walk boasts great coastal views: across the Derwent River to South Arm Peninsula; and south along Hinsby Beach to the Alum Cliffs. You’ll also notice birds and sea creatures; you can even choose audio podcasts on your smart phone courtesy of the Taroona Environment Network.

Taroona Walk - South Arm Peninsula

From Taroona Walk to South Arm Peninsula

Taroona Walk - Bird

Birds and sea creatures: Taroona Walk

Taroona Walk - Coastal Trail

Taroona Coastal Trail: Hinsby Beach

Taroona Walk - Coastal Discovery Trail

Taroona Environment Network Coastal Discovery Trail

Hinsby Beach and Alum Cliffs

Both Taroona Beach and Hinsby Beach (dogs not permitted on either) are very pleasant, especially on a sunny day like the one we struck. We were green with envy at the beach sheds lining the sand. What a great place to store your boogie board and kayak, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

It looked like some fishermen stored their upturned dinghies right on the sand, ready for a speedy getaway. Gotta catch those fish! The little boats would make good props for photographers keen to capture an interesting Tasmanian beach scene.

Taroona Walk - Beach Sheds

Beach boxes: foreshore, Taroona Tasmania

Taroona Walk - Track

Taroona walking track to Alum Cliffs

Taroona Walk - Boats

Colourful boats: Taroona Tasmania

The only other thing I’d mention about our Taroona walk is the steps. I hate steps. Before I braved my hip replacement operation, I would grumble very loudly whenever we encountered a set of stairs. More than three steps was agony. Now I’ve got a brand spanking new artificial hip, so there’s no pain involved… but I still hate steps. I still grumble too. Maybe it’s habit. If you hate steps as much as me, be warned. You’ll have to venture downhill to the foreshore, and hence back up again when you’re done. The in-between sections along the beach and coastal track and worth a little effort. Trust me!

As for taking photos of the Taroona Shot Tower, next time we might tackle the Alum Cliffs rather than just look towards them. A 6km walk stretches from Tyndall Beach near Kingston to the Shot Tower itself on the Channel Highway; it sounds quite the ticket for views over the Derwent Estuary and Storm Bay. Albeit a bit more challenging than our 3km Taroona walk along the coast. Let’s hope there’s no steps!

Taroona Walk - Beach Fence

Rustic beach fence: foreshore track

Taroona Walk - Bridge

Taroona walk: bridge over tiny creek

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Map: Taroona Walk, Hobart Tasmania…

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