After writing about a selection of day-trips last week, we embarked on our own scenic drive from Hobart over the weekend. We had grandiose ideas about a leisurely tour of the Tasman Peninsula, including lunch at Eucalypt Cafe in Port Arthur. Those plans were blown out of the water though, and all we really saw was the Tasman Blowhole.

Tasman Blowhole - Tasmania

Tasman Blowhole, Tasmania

Tasman Blowhole: Popular Attraction in Tasmania

The primary reason for our trip south of Hobart was to collect one of our kids (and his buddy) from an outdoor education camp. They were due to stay at Fortescue Bay, but a last minute policy change meant a school-sized group wasn’t permitted to camp in the national park. Luckily the quick thinking teachers were able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and secure a change of venues, so they were nearby at least.

After voting in the Tasmanian state election and delivering a supply of chocolate cakes to the school’s music department for a fundraising stall, we made tracks. We stopped briefly in Sorell for a coffee, and admired the rose garden near the Visitor Information Centre.

Tasman Blowhole - Sorell

Rose garden: Sorell Tasmania

We posted a picture of the park’s rotunda on social media, and Sally from Herbaceous Tours commented: “there are some amazing buildings in Sorell, most people just travel through but it is well worth a stop to explore.” We’ve mentioned some of the churches in Sorell before, but we do need to spend more time in the town. Apparently there’s a newly opened Art and Craft Gallery too, according to Laura from I Felt Like It.

Tasman Blowhole - St Georges Anglican Church, Sorell

St Georges Anglican Church: Sorell Tasmania

Sorell via Copping to Port Arthur

Luckily for us this time around, we didn’t linger for too long in Sorell. Arthur Highway is currently undergoing a substantial upgrade, and we encountered quite a long line of traffic stopped at roadworks. The Bream Creek Show was held over the weekend too, and 95% of our fellow travellers turned at Copping, no doubt bound for the showgrounds to enjoy the local festivities on a lovely fine day.

Tasman Blowhole - Vines and Designs at the Copping Museum

Vines and Designs at the Copping Museum

We arrived right on time at Molly’s Manor (the private property hosting the school camp) near the Fox and Hounds Inn, a striking building on the main road to Port Arthur. It was soon evident that our passengers were extremely keen to head straight home for a hot shower and a comfy bed. We had to sympathise… they did look totally shabby. So the highly anticipated scenic drive was cut short, right there and then.

Doo-Lishus in Doo Town

The only detour the boys were willing to contemplate was one into Doo Town. They were very keen to buy freshly-cooked, hot food after a week in the “wilderness” spent kayaking and bushwalking. Fish and chips from the Doo-Lishus food van at the Tasman Blowhole car park must’ve seemed like a gourmet delight from Heaven!

Tasman Blowhole - Fish and Chips

Seafood: Doo-Lishus van, Tasman Blowhole

Tasman Blowhole - Doo-Lishus

Doo-Lishus: Tasman Blowhole, Doo Town

We perched ourselves near the star attraction with our massive cones of squid and chips. There were people milling around everywhere, as has always been the case on every visit we’ve ever made to the Tasman Blowhole. It’s a popular spot with Tasmanian tourists, and much-photographed, just like the blowhole in Bicheno. If you’re not up for seafood, try a serve of Tasmanian berries and ice-cream… they’re good too.

Tasman Blowhole - Motorhome

Tasmanian tourists: Tasman Blowhole

What is The Tasman Blowhole?

The Tasman Blowhole is essentially a tunnel through the solid cliff, carved out over many years by the relentless sea. The force causes explosions of water as the Tasmanian east coast waves surge in, resulting in a spray rising up to ten metres at high tide.

Tasman Blowhole - Swell

Mild activity: Tasman Blowhole

The ocean swell wasn’t providing much activity on the day of our latest visit. After a short while, the boys returned to the car, waiting patiently, longing for a pillow and some clean clothes. The camp had been a wonderful experience by all accounts, but they were ready for home!

Tasman Blowhole - Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Blowhole: popular attraction, Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Blowhole - Action

More action at the food van: Tasman Blowhole

Dunalley to Primrose Sands

We detoured from Dunalley to Primrose Sands to avoid the roadworks on the return journey. A friend is currently selling his family’s beautiful waterfront home, and we did stop ever-so briefly to take in the magnificent views of the sandy beaches from his balcony.

If you’re looking for a top-quality place to live on the beach, check out this Primrose Sands house for sale. It’s magical. And close to tourist attractions like the Tasman Blowhole, not far from Hobart. We should sign up as real estate agents… although Roberts Real Estate seem to have that market covered already!

Back home in Hobart, the teenagers hit the hay. Meanwhile, we were reunited with our other crash-test-dummy following his duties at the school’s election-day car wash. He was impressed with David O’Byrne (one of the incumbent MPs for the seat of Franklin) who paid the team double the going rate to have his car washed. How about that for a fantastic gesture of community spirit? All the cakes sold in record time, and much money was raised for the school band. So it was a successful day really, despite our dismal effort to discover more of the Tasman Peninsula.

Tasman Blowhole - Cakes

Fundraising cake stall: election day

Map: Tasman Blowhole, Tasmania…

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