Today’s article is about our recent Tasman Bridge walk. I apologise for monopolising the agenda with stories about walking. It probably seems like I’m obsessed with this simple activity… and there’s good reason for that. I am obsessed, it’s true! The last few stories about walking in Hobart have been very well received (thank-you!), but if you really are tired of my ramblings about rambling, you only need say. I will keep walking, but I’ll do it silently!

Tasman Bridge Walk - Hobart

Tasman Bridge: iconic Hobart feature

Tasman Bridge Walk and Talk

How about a compromise? I’ll keep this talk about the Tasman Bridge walk extremely brief, sharing barely more than a few photos. Just to get the whole experience out of my system, so I can move on to other entertaining snippets of news about Tasmania. I promise! Although I do have several more walks planned (and some even completed already), so be warned.

This time, we started walking from the car park at Montagu Bay Reserve, which includes a children’s playground. The lawned area was populated with lots of families, kicking soccer balls and playing on the equipment. This track would be perfect for a family bike ride too, with several other playgrounds spread out along the trail to break the journey.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Yachts

Plenty of yachts: Lindisfarne Bay and Montagu Bay

Tasman Bridge Walk - Cycle

Track shared: walkers and cyclists

Tasman Bridge Memorial

As you walk along the shoreline of the River Derwent, there’s plenty to see and plenty to photograph. Boats, Mount Wellington, the bridge and the river all combine to make a wonderful scenic vista.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Water and Mountain Views

Tasman Bridge: Derwent River and Mount Wellington

Tasman Bridge Walk - Rustic Seating

Watch out for splinters: rustic seating with views

We paused on the track leading under the Tasman Bridge to view the memorial plaque, acknowledging the consequences of the bridge collapse disaster in 1975.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Memorial Plaque

The Tasman Bridge Collapse Memorial Plaque

Clarence Foreshore Trail

This section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail continues from the Tasman Bridge, past more yachts in Lindisfarne Bay to ANZAC Park at Lindisfarne Point. The Tasman Bridge walk from Montagu Bay Reserve to ANZAC Park is about 3-4 kms and takes up to an hour when walking casually.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Bridge Views

Views: Tasman Bridge through trees

Tasman Bridge Walk - Shaded

Nice on a warm day: Tasman Bridge walk, partly shaded

Tasman Bridge Walk - Derwent River

Walk along the foreshore: Derwent River, Clarence

The Tasman Bridge walk is a middle section of the extensive Clarence Foreshore Trail. Fitness enthusiasts can tackle the entire length of the walk/cycle from Geilston Bay to Pindos Park at Tranmere Point, taking in the Bellerive Boardwalk and Howrah as well.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Hobart

Under the Tasman Bridge, like the MONA ferry

Tasman Bridge Walk - MONA Ferry

Fully-loaded MONA ferry powers past Tasman Bridge

Dog-Friendly Walk in Hobart

Dogs are permitted, but must be on-lead for the Tasman Bridge walk we’ve described here. Off-lead areas make up other parts of the Clarence Foreshore Trail.

Donna from Seaside Expressions Jewellery suggested we return again to take photos of the Tasman Bridge at night. We think that’s an excellent idea. We may need some photography tuition from Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania beforehand though. The likelihood of us capturing photos showcasing black and blurry nothingness is currently quite high!

Tasman Bridge Walk - Montagu Bay Boats

Where we started the walk: Montagu Bay

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