Tasmania: Devil Leads the Way

Tasmania… devil is the word when writing about Tasmania. The devil is to a Tasmanian, what the cow is to a Hindu. Sacred! So when you travel around Tasmania, look out for landmarks and attractions that adopt the creature’s name.

Tasmania – Devil the Wildlife

Of course, there is a living, breathing version of the Tasmanian Devil. It’s no mythical creatureWildlife parks around Tassie have devils living in captivity and on display, but the wild population are under threat from Tasmanian Devil Cancer. Hopefully scientists can find a cure for the facial tumour disease before the devil does become just a name and a memory.

Tasmania Devil

Icon of Tasmania: Devil (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmania – Devil the Jet Boat

If you’re looking for adventure in Tasmania, Devil Jet in New Norfolk might be for you. All ages get to dress up in some stylish (not!) wet-weather gear, hand over their hard-earned pocket money and step into a bright yellow jet boat.

From then on, whether you keep your eyes open and your mouth shut – or vice versa – is your decision. But what you don’t have any control over is the speed at which the driver will hurtle up and down the Derwent River. If you happen to visit New Norfolk during autumn, you will see a stunning display of colour along the river bank. Of course, you would have to have your eyes OPEN for that one!

New Norfolk Tasmania: Devil Jet

Derwent River Tasmania: Devil Jet (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmania – Devils Kitchen!

In the south of the state, the Tasman Peninsula has some of the more remarkable natural landmarks to be found in Tasmania. Devils Kitchen is one of them.

Facing the wild seas of the eastern coast, the strangely named Devils Kitchen is an interesting formation in the cliff. A narrow cavern has been carved from the pressure of the sea pounding the rock face.

Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania: Devils Kitchen

Tasmania: Devils Kitchen (photo by Dan Fellow)

Millions of years in the making, the deep crevice probably once had a roof – just like its mate Tasmans Arch. Combined with other natural phenomenons of the area (Tasman Blowhole, Tessellated Pavement) the 90 minute drive from Hobart to the Port Arthur Convict Settlement has bonus attractions on the way. You can access most of the sights straight from a car park without walking too far – and it’s all free!

Tasmania Devil - Tasmans Arch

Tasmans Arch: near Devils Kitchen, Tasman Peninsula

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